ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

saturn for cancer lagna

Lord of the house is more critical than the planet occupying the house as per the dictum "bhavanadhipai samastham vichintyath"

saturn is the lord of 7th and 8th houses for cancer lagna.
while lordship of 7th, a kendra is good for sani, 8th house lordship is definitely difficult.
for cancer lagna natives, it is perhaps this which gives a deep partner, but difficult partnership.

now suppose, this saturn is in a difficult house, say 12th house.
7th lord going into 12th will give either a foreign stay with partnership or it may bring bondage/limitations. But 8th lord coming into 12th will constitute a vipareet rajayoga, which will give comforts too.

how will be the dasa of saturn for a cancer lagna native?
consider the lordship of saturn from moon and surya as well and then decide the result.
for eg. if for a cancer ascendant native moon happens to be in taurus/rishabha, then sani becomes a yoga karaka by being the 9th and 10th lord.

but, if from moon and sun also, saturn happens to be the lord of difficult houses, of course, by the first stated dictum, sani dasa will be difficult.

the positive is that,
sani, the disciplinarian is one of the best masters ever possible.
you conduct yourself with restraint and detachment, and saturn will give you only peace.


  1. Hi am cancer ascendent

    15/OCT/1987 Time 01:50 AM Chennai

    My saturn in 5th house. Marriage and wealth ?
    My venus & mercury in 4th, jupiter in 10th, mars&sun&ketu in 3rd, moon in 12th. Any suggestion for wealth and marriage?

    1. 1) while seeing a chart see saturn in divisonal chart as the strength is seen in navamsa
      2) see strength of saturn in shadblaa, also see ashtakvarga of saturn . which has low bindu less than 3 only it trobules rest all can manage
      3) satrun in pushkar navamsa this is good
      4) if saturn is in good nakshtra like yoga karak nakshastr.
      5) not all the areas will be strugle then how to see which area- after seeing in d1, d9 the strenght by position, aspect, conjunction go to divisonal chart like d9, d7, d10 etc if its bad then only in that area of life like d9-partner, d7-children, d1- profession for stipulated period of time it affects

  2. 1) if am correct saturn shdabal is 135
    2) in vaisheshika amsa its gopura again good
    3) u have venus in fourth house it has malvaya yoga again good one of the pancha maha prusha yoga and venus is for wife (malvaya yoga means -venus is in kendra to lagna and own house)
    4)venus has dig bala being in 4th house
    Fourth house is where we wish to go inside our own hearts in order
    to feel good and connect to the deepest part of our psyche that is beyond anything in the world. It is that internal
    sanctuary within. Both the moon and Venus are planets of comfort and feeling. These are the two female planets that
    also share the goal of bringing comfort, peace and happiness to our heart.

  3. u have jagnath hora jhora latest i can give or teach basics which u can learn urself

  4. Hi
    If Moon is in Taurus/Rohini for Cancer ascendant then does the chart have two yoga karakas (Ma and Sa). If so which gains prominence? Also had a question ....if Ma is exalted in Rasi but debilitated in Navamsa what does it portend?