ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

arunachala mahatmyam or the greatness of mount arunachala

oh arunachala..
every time i feel i am malam(impure)
i turn to you
you make me feel cleansed
so fast!

oh arunachala..
all those secret caves(like the ezhuchunai or seven springs)
where wind blows so mystically
stills even this high strung mind to peace..

oh arunachala..
each and every spot on you
vibrates with so much energy
that all those siddha herbs get more godly
which when chewed
refreshes my ill-done body
in an instant..

oh arunachala..
let me remain
as a part of you..

oh arunachala..
let me be...

Monday, December 19, 2011

propitiations to improve married life

marriage is ruled by 7th lord, the planets occupying the 7th house and the influencing planets.
this needs to be seen from lagna(ascendant), moon, sun as well as venus.

suppose there is Ketu in 7th house.(dragon's tail)

Ketu's moola mantra is Om Thraam Threem Throum Sa: Ketuvae Nama:
Ketu's devata is Vighneswara or Ganesha.
Ketu's pulse is horse gram.
Ketu's day is tuesday.
Ketu's stars are Aswini, Magha and Moola.

So performing propitiations on these days using the mantras mentioned above, we can make a big difference to Ketu and thus to the 7th house. ie. marriage.

Now, think that Kuja or Mars is the lord of the 7th house.
you need to propitiate Kuja the same as mentioned for Ketu.

Kuja's mantra is Om Kraam Kreem Kroum Sa: Bhoumaya Nama:
Devata is Bhadrakali(in female signs) and Subramania in male signs.
Day is tuesday
Pulse is red gram
Stars are Mrigasirsha, chitra and dhanishta.

likewise for each graha or planet, propitiations are given in my book "understanding and overcoming your darksides" freely available to download in www.jyotishkrishna.com

Friday, November 4, 2011

striking a balance

A successful friend of mine, felt its time to shut down his factory and go to the himalayas.
He left all his material possessions, became free and left in a jiffy.
There he fasted, meditated and waited for 20 years, and once he attained a kind of un-explainable peace, returned to his native land.

Many old friends and acquaintances flocked to see the new avatar.
This man was so friendly and compassionate that he slowly started taking up others problems as his own and got back into the same old entangled situation.

Thanks to his 20 years of practice, he could realize this soon, and he smiled at himself.
He realized, he needs to to be less passionate in his compassion and then on remained as a water drop on lotus leaf.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

destiny and astrology

We all pray when in need.
sometimes we get so desperate, that we lose all hope.
later, if the problem was not so critical, even if the help hadn't come, we put it behind us, and tend not to think of it.

we are eternal optimists.
or, we accept things very fast.
we conveniently forget.

and yes, we see many a person saved at the nick of time by some divine grace.
we get something to hold on to.

and, that is why Gods stay on.

when i see a person in trouble, i give him/her a pariharam or remedy in the form of a mantra or a prayer or some lifestyle correction or sometimes a change of place.

sometimes it works.
god comes in the form of some circumstances, or people.

i have seen, when the prayers are desperate and when you lose yourself in prayers, in god, then sometimes your prayers are answered.

a mother prayed desperately for her 4 year old's life, but the child died.
she was truely true in her prayers.

when we have no answers, we call it 'karmaphalam' (result of past actions)

if everything is karmaphalam, then astrology can be used only for changing your distant future not the near one.

marriages are made in heaven

majority of Hindus and a considerable percentage of people of other religions too are particular about horoscope matching.

if astrology is true, then, whom you should marry is also pre-destined.
no astrologer can change it.
no priest can change it.

if everything is pre-destined, then what is the role of astrology?

an astrologer's guidance can only help you see matters in a astro-perspective, which is remarkably efficient.

astrology gives you reasons, without which you will be puzzled why such and such things have happened in your life.

it makes you more grounded. and, it helps to liberate too.

Monday, July 25, 2011

death horoscopes of ramana maharshi, sathya sai and shirdi sai

ramana death time: 14-04-1950 @ 08:47 am @ tiruvannamalai
sathya sai's : 24-04-2011 @ 07:40 am @ puttaparthy
shirdi sai's : 15-10-1918 @ 02:30 pm @ shirdi

interestingly, 9th house plays a very important role in the death chart of these spiritual stalwarts.
it does confirm the parapunnya (9th) sthanam's role in mukthi.

predicting life after death- death horoscopes.

if the time and date of birth can let us predict the times of life,
then from the time of death we should be able to predict how life after death would be, right?

or at the least, we can assess the past birth, or to be precise, the just finished life.
thereby trying to verify if the actual life experiences and what is seen from 5th house are in sync.

i tried a few death horoscopes of a few people i knew.

the houses i considered were :
5th house(poorvapunnyam)

i am confused about a few things, as i haven't found many analyses of the kind.
for eg. if Guru comes into 12th house, is it moksham?
why should we take 12th house, as parapunnyam is clearly mentioned as 9th house?!

in life horoscopes, we say Ketu or Guru in 12th gives more chances for moksham.

i will be happy if it is so, but i found this in both my parent's death horoscopes.
(both were krishna devotees)

father-16-08-1995 at 4 pm @ parur
mother- 15-09-2008 @ 3pm @ ernakulam.

i will post more after i research a bit more on this.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

vasanas or tastes that one carries from past births

we all want to do lot of things now.
and we start working towards it.
then we see some situations popping up.
either genuine situations.
or made up by the escapists in us.
whichever, we end up not pursuing our wishes.

chandu wants to eat only 2 times a day.
chandu wants to do regular yoga.
chandu doesn't want to think about money.
but chandu ends up doing just the opposite.
classical conditioning, they say.
or just, the habit as per the common folk.

to me, its vasana.
the more you work on your spirit, the easier in the next birth to get a hold on it.

some one is a child prodigy, in music.
another one is, in painting.
though their entire family has not a single musician or painter.

vasana. taste from the last birth.

5th house rules the poorva punnya.
the carry over from the past birth.

think first of the first lord.(bhavanadhipai samastham vichinthayath)
then the occupant.
then the aspects and other yogas.

got a grip?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

blame it on the past life!

i have seen many a sweet kid, suffering with terminal diseases..
with no apparent gene history..

the kid wouldn't be old enough to even imagine if not do, some karma responsible for this state.
so, we have 2 options:
1) blame it on the ancestors karma
2) or on the karma of past lives.

we have seen child prodigies, expressing art/talent right from the tender age of 3 or 4 years.
even when the family tree doesn't have a single person with a similar taste.
even when the child was not exposed to circumstances congenial for the conscious or sub-conscious absorption of these tastes.

so, there is past janma carry over!

we consider mainly 2 houses, to judge the past lives.
1) 5th house
2) 12th house.

as per the bhavat bhava chinthanam, the 5th of 5th, ie the 9th too should be considered, just like 12th of 12th, ie the 11th.

but how many past lives can we judge from all these?
it needs atleast a thousand years of study to get to start appreciating astrological studies!

the star 'visakha' and mental problems

the lord of the star visakha is Guru(jupiter), but people born on this star when their moon is weak by bhava or when occupying a relatively bad position to guru, tend to be the most mentally sensitive.
(vrischika/scorpio is the sign of debilitation of mano karaka moon)

of course, they appreciate arts, love good food/are excellent cooks (nala, bheema as valala in virata parva) and are excellent advisers,
but when it comes to their own lives, they often fumble.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reasons for Cancer

Lets assume that there need to be synchronization in the mental and physical energies for a normal healthy life.

When something goes wrong mentally, naturally it affects the physical.

Ascendant is the basic house which denotes body.
Its lord plays the next role.
The signifactor(karaka) of lagna/ascendant, namely the Sun is the third.

Chandra is the mind.

when there is a mismatch between these factors, or when there is dusthithi(bad positioning) or duravastha(bad state), there has to be some anarchism within the body.

Now, if mars/ketu/sani afflicts 6th, 8th or 12th along with the above mentioned factors,
we can expect cancer.

but surely, there is hope.