ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Transactions and Karma

Any act where a sense of ownership comes, is karma.
This accumulates as pleasure or pain for the coming times.

10th house is the house of karma.
When the 10th lord goes into 8th or 12th house from 10th house,
namely the 5th house or 9th house, karma tends to come to an end.

Incidentally 5th house is the house of poorva punnya and wisdom
and 9th is parapunnyam and bhagya/luck.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

natal positions has more say than dasa periods - success and failure

Advocate XXXX , december 26, 1971, 2:12 AM, kochi, india



 26-12-1971 02:12  KOCHI, INDIA














This is the chart of a very successful lawyer(see Moon-Mars constituting chandra mangalayoga in 6th house, house of litigations, and ketu in 10th house)

Since the advent of Sun dasa, mid 2010, he has fared very bad.
He got stuck in land business and is presently reeling under pressure.

Sun, in 3rd house from lagna and 10th from moon, shouldn't have created so many problems, but see RAhu in 4th house and 4th lord Saturn retrograde in dusthana, 8th house.
(4th house is the house of landed property)

As per traditional vedic astrology, we need to say that a landed property he purchased had Sarpa dosha which triggerred the present problem.

Solution offered: sell the land with sarpa dosham.
Concentrate in legal profession.

Will update, if this changes his life.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New moon or amavasya in Libra or Thula

Nov 14th, 03 HRS :38 MINS:15 SECS AM, KOCHI
Moon-Sun-Saturn in Libra.
Venus debilitated in Virgo
Mars in Sagittarius
Jupiter in Taurus with Ketu.

Sun, Moon and Venus in bhagya amsa.(9th navamsa)

a great opportunity to fall in right track to reach our spiritual goals...
how many lucky ones will be able to use this?

art and science of real astrology

It is easy for any reasonably experienced person in astrology to interpret a past event to fit his logic.
Science of astrology will win the trust of the world, when it successfully predicts 7 out of 10 events correctly.

Think of this:

Even when you consider the past many million years, the probability of finding an identical 9 planet combination in the celestial chart, with even approximate degrees is very very less.

Say, when was the last time when Sun was in Libra, Moon in Libra, Saturn in Libra, Jupiter in Taurus, Rahu-Ketu in Scorpio-Taurus, mars in sagittarius, mercury in scorpio and venus in virgo?
And, if one of the planets change, the results can vary.
So, its almost impossible to create unfailing rules in astrology.
Every true astrologer has to test the available rules, with a neutral perspective and come to his own conclusions.

When the rule says, When Sun is in 9th house the person will exhibit spirituality more than what he actually feels or that Jupiter in 8th will make a person unconventional in Rituals- it is just a probability.

When the rule says, Venus in the sign of mars along with saturn, gives a person loose morals- it is just a probability.

It is the super-human intuition of the knowledgeable astrologer that lets him predict, correctly.
That Super-human intuition comes only with Grace.

How do a knowledgeable astrologer obtain Grace?
By sticking to satya(truth), dharma(righteousness) and constantly applying his science with a compassionate perspective, making himself just a channel for the divine truth to flow..

This is almost close to impossible.!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

predicting death

Case study
September 3, 1971, 4:55 AM, near Kurnool, Andhra pradesh, India





(Vimsottari) Dasa balance- moon- 5yrs, 11months, 9 days (Chandra hari ayanamsa)
and 5 years 5 months are per lahiri ayanamsa.










the case:
the native was infected with japanese encephalitis and lost a good portion of his brain when he was 10 years old.
presently he is leading a difficult life.
the question is about his death period.

the native got infected in 1981 september.(during mars-ketu as per lahiri)(during mars-mercury as per chandrahari ayanamsa)

his lagna lord moon is in 7th house in association with mars and rahu. (for cancer lagna, mars is a yoga karaka being the lord of 5 and 10, and in this case, he is exalted.)

his sun is in 2nd house, own sign, in vargottama, in association with a malefic venus, who is debilitated in navamsa, and with retrograde 12th and 3rd lord mercury

ketu is in ascendant and ascendant has got special aspect of saturn, vis a vis 3rd.
incidentally saturn is debilitated in navamsa and is occupying 5th from moon in rasi.

Presently the native is running Jupiter-Venus-Mercury as per CH ayanamsa.
As per nadi readings of Vaitheeswaran koil, the native will pass away during the year 2012-13.

Presently as per transits, Venus, who is also the lord of 22nd drekkana, is debilitated.
Can this trigger death?

Will Jupiter the lord of 9th who is in 5th allow death to happen in his dasa?

Or will it be the period of 7th and 8th lord saturn who is in 5th from moon, in debilitated navamsa, which brings mukti to the native?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


we are living in a very significant age.
where we see the powerful ones' truths being examined.

the karaka for power is sun/surya.
righteousness is jupiter/guru and discipline is saturn/sani.

the house for research and investigations is 8th house and the universal zodiac's 8th house is vrishcika or scorpio.

rahu(dragon head) is also called the mayavi or illusion creator or the pseudo or the mask.
now we see lot of fake faces being torn.

rahu is in vrischika till mid january 2013, the zodiacal 8th. occupying 7th from jupiter.
sani is in uccham.

let their be lot of cleansing..as long as it can last.

what will debilitation of venus bring to the world this time?

venus/sukra is the karaka for pleasure..
vehicles, fashion, art, romance..

when the karaka for Self, sun/surya in debilitation, is in yoga with saturn/sani the karaka for discipline, who is in exaltation, there will be much thought about the worth of relationships.
we can expect lot of relationships based on very shaky grounds crumbling down.

people with scorpio/vrichika, aquarius/kumbha, taurus/rishabha and leo/simha rasis as ascendants or moon  or sun signs will benefit as Budha/mercury will be in kendra(1,4,7, 10) for these rasis, inducing a neecha bhanga rajayoga.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

natural calamity during new moon/amavasya

normally, we can expect natural calamities during fullmoons/newmoons, if there are influencing combinations like agni marutha(mars-saturn) or ketu/sani.

this amavasya, ketu and mars are in mutual 7th and sani is in uccham.
though mars-saturn combination is absent, mars is in thula amsa, the rasi where sani is posited.

do we have to expect something in areas ruled by kannya, thula, vrischika, and rishabha?
lets watch it.


significance of amavasya or new moon

since long time, i am observing how people behave towards fullmoon and newmoon.
for this i categorized people into 2.

ones with strong moon(shukla paksha waxing moon) and in benefic houses/rasis.
and the others with weak moon.

i felt that people with strong moons behaved rather over enthusiastic and irrational during fullmoons and very cool and logical during new moons.

reg people with weak moons, fullmoon period was good for them and new moons were depressing or generating ill health.

new moon or amavasya has been considered very auspicious time by tantrics since it gives more focus for the practice.

whenever atma which is indicated by Sun, mind, indicated by moon and intellect indicated by mercury comes together, it opens a grand frame for self enquiry.

if we have the capability to do it or not will have to be seen from the blessings of Jupiter, initiative of mars and patience and perseverance of saturn. And, of course, no distractions from venus.

dynamic approach- combining birth chart and query time chart

During my first few years as an astrologer, i used to get confused about the variation in results and their timings.

As i got introduced to various ayanamsas like Raman, KP, Chandrahari, Jagannatha etc, i understood many astrologers are as confused as i am.

everyone had their own justifications for their proposals, but chandrahari, raman, n true lahiri ayanamsa was definitely more acceptable to me.

as this is one science which can be interpreted anyway one can imagine, justifying some past charts was easy.

however knowledgeable the astrologer is, his predictions are what matters the most.
and, just from rasi and navamsa no one can really predict anything correctly.

what needs to be practiced is a dynamic approach.

make a chart from
the time of birth,
the time of question and then combine the 2 results along with the lakshanams and nimithams(signlas from nature) you receive during your thought.

this works better.

foreign residence astrology-

I know many spiritual practitioners, who don't know astrology, but who guide people who come to them, take right decisions.

I know many knowledgeable astrologers who err in their counselling.

Imagine a case, when the questioner asks, "will i go stay abroad or not?"

ascendant was dhanus(sagittarius) and Guru(jupiter) was placed in makara(capricorn), a movable sign.
(tob: 10 may 1973, 22 :35 pm, chennai, india.)

10th lord, Budha/mercury was in 5th, mesha(aries) again a movable sign.
9th lord was again in 5th, aries.

The person was running kuja/mars dasa and the 12th lord, Kuja/mars was in 3rd house in kumbha/aquarius a fixed sign. It had aspect from saturn/sani from 6th house.

the karma bhavadhipa  and lagna lord indicates lot of movement, but in reality this person had never really travelled. so, during his kuja in fixed sign, one cant expect him to go abroad.

but the astrologer, citing the 12th house lordship and 3rd positioning of kuja, indicated that the person has the yoga to travel, and thus go abroad.

So, which are the houses for foreign travel?
12th, 9th signifies long travels and 3rd house shows only short travels.

if the 12th lord is in a fixed sign, generally there is less probability for residence abroad.
and during movable sign posited graha's dasa periods we can expect travel, but not residence

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rahu or dragon's head

As per vedic astrology, Rahu is a cchaya graha(shadow planet). ie its more like a magnetic zone rather than a physical body.
The dictum "Sanivat rahu" means that Rahu is like Sani/saturn.
In some classical texts it is mentioned that Rahu behaves as per the lord of the house in which he is posited.

Rahu is he signifactor for our questioning nature(good for science), rule breaking/venting nature, hypocrisy n diplomacy, masking(good in cinema n drama), for potions, toxins and chemicals and also for foreign culture.

Traditionally Rahu in lagna or ascendant is considered as a difficult positioning, which makes the person brutal, selfish, conceited and unhealthy.
But i have seen many masters with Rahu in lagna, honest and straight forward.
But all these people also practice Kundalini tantra or atleast some breathing techniques.

So, i can safely assume that the ones who practice spiritual techniques don't get the negatives attributed to Rahu.

As the shadow planet which is responsible to cause grahana or eclipse of 2 life providing bodies, namely the sun and the moon, Rahu is feared a lot.

Rahu, the coiled serpent in the spine can be of tremendous advantage for all with rahu in 1, 5 or 9th house. Rahu in 1,5 and 9 is supposed to cause difficulties to children too.

Mntra for rahu:
om bhraam bhreem bhroum sa: rahuvae namaha.
kala bhairava prayers are also supposed to help.
pulse: urad dal/black gram

The story goes like:
when the asura suvarnabhanu was cut by vishnu's sudarsana chakra, (giving 2 forms as rahu n ketu) the blood that dripped down gave rise to garlic, a wonder drug, but something that provides lot of asuric qualities like suspicion.

turmeric is also used as an effective pariharam for rahu.
planting and watering turmeric plant, using it in food with prayers to rahu, is considered very positive remedy for rahu.

Rahu, like other malefic planets, is supposed to do good in upachayas, namely 3, 6, 10 and 11 houses. Rahu in dhanu is sometimes known as kodanda rahu with a benefic nature.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sani or Saturn- the most dreaded of all planets- a myth.

For most people, the very mention of Sani is very scary.
True, Sani teaches one, valuable lessons during his period.
But Sani is one of the most misinterpreted planets.

Sani is the karaka/signifactor for prana, discipline, service, humility and patience.
The one who is aware of one's prana, one who is disciplined, humble and who is prepared to wait always gets the benefic looks of saturn.

Rahu is Sani's agent and mostly bring about Sani's results.

People born in certain ascendants or moon signs or sun signs, lack the above saturnian qualities by some percentage and hence are subjected to severe test by saturn.
The best remedy being development of the before said qualities.

The moola mantra for Sani is Om Praam Preem Proum Sa Saneescharaya namaha.
Sani likes yoga and regulation of breath or Pranayama.
Sani likes no show off.
Sani's stone is indra neela or blue sapphire
Sani's grain is sesame.

For certain lagnas or ascendants sani is very beneficial.
Like for Taurus/rishabha, Libra/thula and capricorn/Makara ascendants, if he is posited in positive houses.

Another dreaded period is 7 1/2 saturn and also kantaka sani.
when saturn transits 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from moon sign, it is called 7 1/2 saturn period.
And when in 1, 4, 7, 10 positions it is kantaka sani. Remember: The one who is aware of one's prana, one who is disciplined, humble and who is prepared to wait always gets the benefic looks of saturn.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Energies in breath or Prana and their classification

1) Prana
2) Apana
3) Samana
4) Udana
5) Vyana

and 5 more sub-energies
6) naga
7) koorma
8) Krkala
9) Devadatta
10) Dhananjaya


Prana, which is centred at the heart, is that special function of the Cosmic Prana, which supplies the human body with essential oxygen. Its energy flows from the nostrils to the level of the heart.
Certain techniques in particular activate Prana Shakti, these are Bhastrika, Nadi Shodhana and Ujjai Pranayama.


Apana Prana, centred at the last portion of the large intestine, influences the lower part of the body from the navel to the soles of the feet. This Prana regulates the elimination process. Diseases that affect the lower abdomen, intestines, kidneys, urinary tract, legs, etc., are the result of disturbed Apana Prana. The techniques of Nauli, Agnisara Kriya, Ashvini Mudra and Mula Bandha serve to strengthen and purify Apana Prana.


Samana Prana classifies the energy in food as sthoola, sookshma and madhya. The sthoola is eliminated, sookshma is blended to mind and madhyama to flesh n bones.
Samana is centred at the navel.

This Prana is strengthened through the practice of Agnisara Kriya and Nauli. The practice of these two Kriyas prevents digestive problems and Diabetes. It also improves one’s resistance to infectious disease and cancer, due to the digestive fire that is awakened in the whole body, which purifies and cleans.


Vyana Prana flows through the nerve channels of the human body. It has an effect upon the whole body and particularly on the Nadis. Poor circulation, impaired nerve stimulation and nervous breakdowns, originate from a deficiency in Vyana Prana.

It is highly recommended to perform the following breath exercise several times a day.
Inhale deeply and exhale once
Again inhale and hold the breath for as long as comfortable (counting to 20, 30, etc.)
Exhale and hold the breath again for a while
Repeat this exercise 4-5 times.
The benefit of this simple breath exercise is quickly noticed and our nerves will feel very energized.


Udana centres itself in throat, with all the senses in equilibrium, and is active when the body is in sushupti. Udana is said to bring about centering and self contact.
Udana Prana is activated by the practice of Ujjayi Pranayama, Bhramari Pranayama, as well as Viparitakarani Mudra.

Bhramari Pranayama Technique

Close the ears with the fingers and inhale. While exhaling through the nose, hum like a bumble-bee (the mouth remains closed).
After about 5-7 breaths sit motionless and breathe normally with the ears still closed. Concentrate on your inner space and listen to the inner sound.
This exercise will calm the nerves and thoughts, promote concentration and bring you into contact with your Self.

The Five Upa-Pranas

The five Upa-Pranas regulate important functions in the human body.

NAGA - Burping

Removes blockages of Prana and Apana and prevents gas formation in the digestive system. Other functions include triggering of the vomit reflex due to indigestion and dissolving blockages of Samana Prana.

KURMA - Blinking

This Upa-Prana functions in the area of the eyes, controlling opening and closing of the eyelids. The energy of this Upa-Prana is active when we are awake and is revitalised when we sleep. Kurma protects the eyes from the penetration of dust and foreign bodies etc. Disturbance of this Upa-Prana causes uncontrolled blinking and twitching of the eyelids. The practice of Trataka provides balance and strength to Kurma, as does the chanting of OM, placing warm palms over the eyes and Asanas where the head is bent forward.

DEVADATTA - Yawning, crying, laughing
Yawning indicates tiredness, sometimes after eating too. Certain foods such as grains, onions and garlic cause fatigue. Many Yogis only eat vegetables and some milk products in order to sustain their level of vitality and thereby reduce lethargy. Devadatta also controls crying and laughter.

KRIKALA - Sneezing, hunger, thirst
Sneezing releases energy blockages in the head and neck. Krikala also has control over hinger and thirst.

DHANANJAYA - Opening and Closing of Heart Valves
It influences the whole body and in particular the muscles of the heart by opening and closing the heart valves.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

how to improve one's luck through astrology?

in astrology, luck is ruled by 9th house.
but then, 9th house also rules dharma(righteousness), daya(compassion), tapas(penance), guru(teacher) etc.
so is the luck mentioned in astrology material luck or spiritual luck?
or is there any difference between the two?

when 1, 4, 7, 10 and 3, 6, 11 houses are connected to 9th house, there will be material luck
and when 1, 5, 8 and 12 are connected to 9th, there will be spiritual luck.

so how to improve one's luck?
you must have noticed that house no 1 is featuring in both material and spiritual.
1 house happens to be body too.
so, keeping one's temple or body clean and healthy is point no. 1
for improving house no 9, practicing penance, a conscious effort to be righteous and compassionate should surely help.

the 9th lord and the 9th occupying planet can be prayed to.
for eg if it is Sun - we can pray to Sun God(surya) or Siva
for Moon- to Moon Goddess or Parvati
for Kuja(mars) - to Kuja or Lord Subramania or Goddess Bhadrakali based on 9th house being male sign or female sign.
refer www.jyotishkrishna.com remedies and propitiations link.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dhanishta or Avittam nakshatra characteristics

Dhanishta: Abundance (Shani- Kuja-Vasus)

Craves elite recognition. Must perform in (wealthy or powerful) circles. Strong leadership skills & talent in performance arts. Excellent dancers. Superb intuitive sense of percussion.

Gets material wealth but may suffer later due to not drawing a clear line on where to stop and drop.
Fixation on the elite public image. Needs constant company, becomes insecure when alone.

they are found as Traders, Builders, agents, bankers, engineers etc..but the common character is that they love change and travel as they are very restless.

chitra or chithira nakshatra/star characteristics


(rasi lord - Budha or Sukra depending on the pada -
star lord -Kuja
devata-Tavashtara or Twashtri)

Famed for insight, artistic ability, & for their power to work in hot-pressure environments. A good percentage of Chitras are Mathematicians, Statisticians, Mechanics(esp automobile), photographers, etc. Chitra are quite competitively ambitious types who form excellent strategic plans. Chitra people fortunately or unfortunately helps in causing splits in teams as they tend to support the underdogs, instead of the chieftains. But at the same time if they are kept as the commander in chiefs, chitra people will sacrifice everything to retain the power of the chieftains. Interesting conversationalists & entertainers, esp. in the Budha-ruled padaas.

Monday, June 25, 2012

present seven and a half saturn or ezhara sani or sade sathi

when sani / saturn transits the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the natal moon, it is termed 7 1/2 sani. This is so, as sturn takes approx 2 1/2 years to transit one house.

for finer predictions we need to consider 71/2 from lagna and chandra navamsa also.

when saturn is in 12th, generally there will be a displacement in position(a transfer or a fall), too much unnecessary travel, mounting expenses etc.

in 1st, it gives head aches, physically and mentally and also health issues to oneself and ones loved ones. Sometimes i have seen that one chances to participate in many death functions during this time.

in 2nd house, it is resource constraints and related tensions.

presently saturn has gone into retrogression and has re-entered the sign of kanya to stay there till august 2 nd week.
this time will be utterly confusing as people who finished sade sathi or seven and a half is again feeling the 2nd house effects, taking their long awaited projects again to a stand still.

prayers to saturn, breathing meditation and daanam or donations can bring some peace, but you need to be patient till august.

well, its worth the wait.

Friday, May 25, 2012


most people who tour karnataka visit hampi but are unaware of places like kukke - horanandu and sringeri. truely tranquil.

just a sight of horanadu annapoorna devi is enough for one to get blessed by her..such is the wonderful setting of the place!

the greatness of tiruvannamalai

this time's trip to tiruvannamalai was more special than ever, thanks to experiences beyond description.

it was really really hot, and hence there were very few people in ramanashram and meditation hall was practically empty most of the days.

the great thing about tiruvannamalai is that this is one place where your karmas get cleansed so fast, provided you are a seeker.

i was down with a very bad stomach and general tiredness for the first few days and then body started responding to the soul's call.

slowly but steadily the meditative mood deepened and i started getting experiences.

this is one place where even a feeble effort will bring tremendous results, provided you don't fall into the trap of spiritual hype and show.

arunachala siva.. arunachala siva..gnjana panditha dakshinamoorthayae nama:

Monday, May 7, 2012

venus/shukra and mars/kuja

presently, venus and mars are in neecha navamsas.

venus, the planet of sensuality and mars the planet of action, when they are in debilitated state, especially in navamsa, makes the world a difficult place, for people with lesser control on sex.

the period leads to abnormal relationships which ultimately bring lot of guilt.
refer to the pariharas in jyotishkrishna.com for mars and venus remedies.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

list of largest earth quakes since 1900 AD. agnimarutha yoga study going on.

list of largest earth quakes since 1900 AD.

LocationDate UTCMagnitudeLat.Long.Reference
1.Chile1960 05 229.5-38.29-73.05Kanamori, 1977
2.Prince William Sound, Alaska1964 03 289.261.02-147.65Kanamori, 1977
3.Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra2004 12 269.13.3095.78Park et al., 2005
4.Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan2011 03 119.038.322142.369PDE
5.Kamchatka1952 11 049.052.76160.06Kanamori, 1977
6.Offshore Maule, Chile2010 02 278.8-35.846-72.719PDE
7.Off the Coast of Ecuador1906 01 318.81.0-81.5Kanamori, 1977
8.Rat Islands, Alaska1965 02 048.751.21178.50Kanamori, 1977
9.Northern Sumatra, Indonesia2005 03 288.62.0897.01PDE
10.Assam - Tibet1950 08 158.628.596.5Kanamori, 1977
11.Off the west coast of northern Sumatra2012 04 118.62.31193.063PDE
12.Andreanof Islands, Alaska1957 03 098.651.56-175.39Johnson et al., 1994
13.Southern Sumatra, Indonesia2007 09 128.5-4.438101.367PDE
14.Banda Sea, Indonesia1938 02 018.5-5.05131.62Okal and Reymond, 2003
15.Kamchatka1923 02 038.554.0161.0Kanamori, 1988
16.Chile-Argentina Border1922 11 118.5-28.55-70.50Kanamori, 1977
17.Kuril Islands1963 10 138.544.9149.6Kanamori, 1977