ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

corona virus

it started just before the saturn transit from dhanus to makara,
Shani does well in makara, still corona is spreading its wings wider.

when surya-chandra are in beneficial strength, nothing can go wrong, but it looks like they get unhappy every now and then..thx to the eclipses and also due to what we do to nature.

kuja-ketu yoga is still going malefically strong..wonder if guru can do good only by aspect not by yogam/association?!

Probably, the vasundhara yogam(guru jumping 3 signs within a year) too must have contributed to the pandemic.

as there was a role for snakes, mustnt we consider rahu-ketu more? Kalasarpa yoga also would be in action for some time.

respiratory functions are controlled by these grahas:

1) shani as the vayu karaka or signifactor for wind.
2) chandra as the natural 4th lord(lungs) from mesha (kaalamgaani varaanga....)

what we must do is
a.  propitiate Shani visavis kapalabhati and other yogic breathings..
b.  chandra by cleaning up our water resources, especially inside our body. eg. drink water boiled with cheroola (aerva lanata)
c. boil water with some turmeric(rahu), and inhale this steam..

when is this phase going to be over?

stage 1
kuja-ketu will come to an end by march 20th.
Guru is transiting into makaram, end of march, with neechabhanga raja yogam made possible by kuja and shani....surya as he is nearing his exaltation, things will surely get better.
% of people who die will reduce.

jupiter is transiting back into dhanu by june 30, but the kalasapa yoga(all planets hemmed between rahu- ketu) should b over by july middle.

hoping and praying for shanti...


amrtakalasahastaaya sarvaamaya vinaashakaaya dhanwantharimoorthaye namah.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

the great ITCH

ITCHING is a far difficult menace than Cough?

cough is ruled by the natural 4th lord, chandra/moon
signifactor for vayu/poorly translated as winds insidem shani/saturn
and the natural signifactor for any allergy-rahu.

whereas the great ITCH is ruled by
natural signifactor for skin vis-a vis Budha/mercury
signifactor for 3rd(itch has lots to do with this house) and 6th, again mercury
and of course the allergy causant- rahu.

the signifactor for afflicted blood, mars-moon has nothing to do with this?
i didnt say no.But then every thing is connected.
sun is the natural signifactor for good health.

so how to get rid of the great itch?

mix a powder of green gram(mercury) and turmeric(rahu)  in very little hot pressed pure coconut oil.
apply on skin and show the affected areas in morning sun.

drink not sour butter milk without salt, adding turmeric.

engage ur mind in learning(mercury) literature/maths.

wearing max green dresses and emerald may also help

what about having lots of green leaves? especially hogsweed. its worth trying.
all the best.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

if sun rays heal, why are coconut trees dying?




education after middle age

we see so many self help talks on improving our learning faculties, and it does help somewhat...but we find it quite difficult to learn new things after middle age, dont we?

what doesn't work?

the fact is that
you dont DEDICATE continuous time for your learning.
if you want to learn photoshop or java or drums or violin at the age of 60,
dont think its beyond u.

all u need to do is dedicate 2 continuous hours for 7 days..

i assure u, u would have laid the platform by then.

dedicate 1 hour/day for the next 21 days you would become reasonably good.
and more time for mastery.

SATURN is the planet who gives discipline, perseverance, ..
MERCURY gives info
JUPITER gives knowledge
SUN gives light of the soul for all this
MOON gives mind the platform
MARS give vitality and stability of mind
and VENUS brings the creative perspective.

RAHU makes you question all you know and KETU detaches you for a neutral perspective.

may all STUDENTS succeed. no matter what age.

Sunday, March 17, 2019


in August 2018, nature and man conspired together to bring about one of the most difficult calamities kerala ever faced.

as people are still recovering from the disasterous deluge, we see many stalwart astrologers making tall claims visavis how they had predicted it and what more is about to follow..

if you take the charts of andhra, karnataka, tamilnadu and kerala, there is very little difference....
though as per vastu things are quite different.

Kerala, the so called Gods' own country has water in the west and mountains on the east..which is quite opposite to the vastu rules.

only when the culture respects nature, and reveres the 'forces of nature' the land would progress and be at peace.

as we are staring at the problems caused by extreme heat or excessive rains, we still carry on with our ignorant and selfish ways of clearing trees for electricity tower lines, highway expansions and infra building.

any other land would have insisted on underground cables and elevated highways after the terrible lessons taught by nature.

few of us are fighting losing battles to protect our precious kaavus and kulams.

our kids, most of them, dont make any efforts to plant a tree on every occasion not to mention of taking care of plants!!

to use only needed water while brushing ur teeth or try not using fully automatic washing machines are beyond the modern progressive malayali!!!

earth has seen destruction before. so it doesn't matter?!!

aum....poornahmadah poornamidam..poornaath poornamaduchchyathe...
poornasya poornamaadaaya poornamevavasishyathe..

Friday, September 7, 2018

Drop ego? Drop mind?

we all have been listening to this...for quite a long time....
we have been listening..reading..

"don't be a slave to your mind..."

we get carried away at times by great orators..performers...
then we either bind ourselves to so many rituals or we escape from our responsibilities..

there's a new avatar very often...

or is it that they were speaking the truth and we went missing the point???!!!
why not so many rolls royces and diamond watches and yet peace n bliss ?!!!



lets know stuff..but lets not project to be scholars..let knowledge not be the ultimate objective...
let the hearts be full....of love..bhakti...

then...there is a chance....

Friday, June 23, 2017

effects of sani (saturn) in debilitation navamsa

I have read that a weakened evil planet does more harm than good.

But in saturn's navamsa case, it looks like he gives more positives than negatives.
lets keep watching.

dog bitten by a snake. will it survive?

on 20th June, 2017, at 12:25 pm, kochi kerala time, i cast a chart to see if a dog bitten by a snake 3 days back, would survive or not.
The ones who came informed me that the dog's kidneys have almost failed.

i prayed well audible enough for the ones infront of me, that if in the chart, ketu comes into his ishta sthaana only, may i be shown that the dog would survive.

the chart i got was as follows:

kannya/virgo ascendant. Jupiter in asc
Asc lord Mercury in 10th, with sun and mars in midhuna/gemini
saturn in sagittarius.
moon/venus in aries.

ketu in 6th in kumbha/aquarius.

i beamed and told them, the dog would survive.
i asked them to immediately take the dog from the pet hospital to their house, and start giving him a medicine prepared from cheroola(Aerva lanata)

they called me afterwards and told that they couldnt get him discharged from hospital, but they have started administering the medicine. the dog was continously vomiting, they informed.

he died yesterday at 3pm.

we can find n number of technical reasons on why i went wrong, after the event. but the fact remains that,
my prayer that if i get ketu in a good position, let the dog survive, didnt work.

when i pronounced the prediction my Jupiter was in 2nd house from moon sign, and 10th from my ascendant/

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


how much time does it take to be re-born?

refer 4.4.3 of


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

remedial measures that work- are hindu mantras better than buddhist or christian?

More insights on how pariharams(propitiations) work.

we astrologers offer many remedial measures to overcome the problems faced by people
who come for advice.

an honest review will see that many of these dont work.
but, many cases, it works beautifully well.

and, what works for some people dont work for others.

so what works?how it works?

will buddhist mantras work better than hindu mantras?
what about christian prayers? other methods?

from my experience, i have come to know that, only when we find a connect to our soul,
our prayers work.

it need not necessarily come from a prayer.

it can come from mountaineering or dancing or sex.

when you are positively engaged in an activity which connects you to your inner Self,
the transformation is triggerred.

call it kundalini.

kundalini rises when you find layam...absorption into self..

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem shreem...


om manipure hum


om namo bhagavathae rudraya


ave maria

anything and everything can work....if you are connected.
and when you are full with love....unselfish true love..positivity just happens...
nothing goes wrong...

it is so easy. and, we can make it so tough too.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

desire to be important - mahatwaakaamksha (significance of nakshatra)

Knowingly or unknowingly we all have a deep rooted desire to be important.

For some people it doesn't get expressed while for some it would be too apparent.

Why we want our children to 'succeed' also may be due to this desire.
Desire to be powerful and important isn't limited to politicians or alpha males.
We can see it expressed even in 2 year old kids! Most of the charity we see today finds its reason in either guilt of unfair advantage or desire to be important.

Surya(sun) is the graha for power and authority while Kuja(mars) gives us the drive to achieve it.
When it is guided wisely by Guru(jupiter) and channelized as right karma(action) by Sani(saturn) and the 10th lord, we see positive side of desire to be important.

Normally when there is a difficult surya or kuja, what results is unbearable megalomania.

The best positions for Surya and Kuja are houses 3, 6, 10 and 11, but we see many charts where these positions also promote megalomania inspite of they being in benefic rasis like Dhanus(sagittarius).

Of course navamsas also need to be considered, but what assumes primary importance is, which nakshatra Sun or Mars are occupying.

For eg. Sun occupying Satabhisha(chathayam), Rahu's nakshatra will behave more difficult than Sravana(Tiruvonam), Chandra's nakshatra though both stars are in Sani's rasis.

In every assessment, nakshatra chinta is very important.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

planets in upachayas and long life

it is understood that if there are malefic planets in upachayas, namely 3, 6, 10 and 11, probability for long life is high.

first, lets be clear that 3 and 6 are quite different from 10 and 11.
10 and 11 are more positive where as 3 and 6 is about struggles too.

in 6th they indicate the kind of diseases we acquire through lifestyle and the kind of people to whom we render service.

well, regarding longevity, it looks like malefic planets in upachayas don't guarantee a long life.
i have so many charts which justifies my point...

how significant really are the pancha mahapurusha yogas?

i have tested that pancha maha purusha yogas don't guarantee success or long life.

out of 100 samples of people who died below the age of thirty, 28 samples had mahapurusha yogas( Ruchaka, Bhadra, Hamsa, Amala and Sasa yogas)

whereas the personalities of the people matched the characteristics assigned to the yoga causing planets.

eg. Ruchaka yoga possessing people had connections with law, police, politicians, criminals, cooks and builders.

or Amala yoga people had something to do with art and Bhadra with maths....


earth has seen many million cycles of life and death.

massive destructions..amazing ressurections..

if we take pre-cambrian life to be 4.6 bn years old, then we human beings have been here for just so very few years..say less than 2-3% of this total time.!

this mind gets so upset about the way nature is being destroyed..how inhuman we are...then next moment a part of the mind responds...this too will pass...

how can we pursue life without going passive?

bhagawat gita to ekhart tolle gives great means...

if arjuna who heard the whole of Gita from Krishna directly, faltered so many times later too, then will we evolve by reading/hearing it?

some masters say, that the body and mind remembers nothing from past births.
studies by dr brian weiss and the like disproves it.

how u die is very very very important.
much much more important than how u live!

the length of your life, ie death is indicated by 8th house
2 and 7th house triggers your death and 3rd house is about how u die...

so, shall we presume, for rishabha lagna, guru in 3rd in exaltation brings the best of death while kuja in 3rd in debilitation brings a very violent death?

when we study AIDS, CANCER OR any reason for death, we need to assess 3rd house too.
i see that Lord of 3rd, in many cases is more instrumental in death than 2, 7 or 8th houses!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

cough- dry and persisitent

affliction of moon by saturn

try - a teaspoon of honey + 2 pinches of salt + 2 pinches of tippali powder (piper longum or long pepper)

lick this combination every 2-3 hours..

rahu/ketu afflictions which bring about skin infections can be controlled by application of tobacco solution

budha, ie mercury is the signifactor of skin..so instead of soap use green gram powder and in the affected areas, apply tobacco solution.

In normal cases, skin afflictions are understood to be brought about by budha, rahu, kuja and chandra.

i feel sani also should be considered.
applying sesame oil + turmeric, drinking lots of buttermilk and water will help the skin's health.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

chart of the mother of twins suffering from hydrocephalus

Chart of
Mother  of twins with HYDROCEPHALUS, july 16, 1991 at 12:50 PM, in southern kerala








(Vimsottari) Dasa balance- surya- 4 yrs,05 months, 14 days

present period- rahu-rahu



Surya guru kuja






5th lord sani is in vakram in 4th house and from chandra lagna sani is in 5th house. in navamsa sani is in neecha. 

you may also observe that surya has ketu yogam and chanda has 12th duritha sthithi.
(mother and father of this chart holder are seperated and the native was brought up by grand parents.)

when the cards are bad, it doesnt make much of a difference that upachaya rahu is running etc etc..
as you can see he present dasa is of rahu in 3rd from lagna in dhanu rasi with vargottamamamsam.
(kodanda rahu) (subhamsya  vargottamaena!)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

how to kill your mind

Mind, the many layered box where experiences are collected.

experiences of the past, present and even the future.

and these pleasant, unpleasant, neutral experiences come as thought waves without asking your permission at all.

u try to push them off..they grapple you harder.

oh dear.. u cant kill your mind when u want to.

at best, you can let it be placid.

8th of 5th house is 12th house- sleep, frustration, deterioration, fall, vairagya(detachment)

8th of 9th house is 3rd- equilibrium, courage, virility, adventure, expression of ego, show off

read between the lines, may be what is needed to rest the mind is a combination of 3rd and 12th houses.

tire your body out through action where not just your body but mind has to be used to the full and then use your prana, breath, and let your mind fall into sukha sushupti..deepest of sleep..

many masters have told, body need not sleep...
well..may be..if its not tired..

but then i see lot of high quality sportsmen and pranayama practitioners(yoga practitioners as well as  flutists and singers) go through a million problems of the mind..

i believe, we need to combine both..
and most importantly the 12 house vairagyam and 3rd house equilibrium have to happen.

the observations go on..will update after i study more cases who practise both.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

jayalalitha horoscope

Jayalalitha, February 24, 1948 at 14:34 PM, mysore










(Vimsottari) present Dasa - Guru dasa- sani apahara










Jayalalitha has Saturn retrograde in maraka/death inflicting 2nd house, rahu in 11 house and 6th lord kuja and 2nd lord chandra coming together to form chandra mangala in vikrama sthaana, the 3rd house of course indicating disproportionate assets.

From chandra lagna saturn is in 12th, the house of imprisonment.
saturn-jupiter is 6-8

in transit, guru is in 12th now, and sani is about to get into 4th after an agni marutha yogam.

interestingly, sani apaharam during rahu dasa also, 1998 last to 2001 last, took her to jail and lot of political drama.

This time sani apaharam is till 2016 end(raman ayanamsa) and if she comes through this maraka Sani period, after that its going to be lagnadhipa, vakra budha who is in Bhagya sthana, the 9th house.

its true that 3rd house mars -chandra if afflicted gives strong tendency to end it all but 7th guru and 10th uccha shukra which form hamsa and malavya yogas and then yogas like chamara may see to it that she comes out strong after the sani period.

so does she have to be in jail till the end of sani sub-period?
probably not.

edited later: Jayalalitha came out of jail, got back as CM of Tamil nadu.
She died because  of sepsis on december 6th, 2016, before the end of maraka sani period.

Monday, February 10, 2014

post your queries only thru www.jyotishkrishna.com

have been getting lot of queries thru this blog.
do forgive for not answering many, through this blog.

you may post your queries thru:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

where to try to kill your mind...

aum saneescharaaya nama:

8th--- the house of the great lord of silence...of death..the destroyer(12th) of the mind(5th) of your mind(5th)..!
so how to destroy the 5th of 5th?

choose the way of the 8th house.

here are some tips to choose the place of meditation:

if your 8th house is mesha..it needs lot of movement...
may be pradikshanas(circumambulation) and mountain climbing with prayers help..

if your 8th house is simha..leo, a cave can be a great place for meditation..

if its karaktaka or cancer: a vacant beach should serve the purpose

if it is kanya or virgo..a river side?

taurus or rishabha : a fertile field?

marital discord- propitiations

do 108 times every day:


parasparaashlishtava purdharaabhyaam

2) do lalita sahasranamam with family atleast 3 days in a week, friday without fail.

3) cook and serve food for your partners with love and prayers

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

pariharams/remedial measures and the relevance of Ganesha.

when there is a conditioning which negatively influences the mind and thus the body, the result would be a disease or a failure or an obstacle.

change the mind frame and repairable problems get repaired faster.

anyone and every one who tried honestly to observe the process would agree..it's almost impossible to control the mind frame.

all we can do is give the monkey a better banana to have fun with.

but before going into how to change mind frame, another basic question.
is there another mind which made the mind to get conditioned so?

as the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious minds are only experience collecting boxes, from where did the likes and dislikes come from?

the genes of grand fathers/mothers or grand uncles and aunts?
a random accumulation or selective accumulation of tastes?

is this collective taste called the vasana of the souls or rather of the SOUL?

people of our past are responsible for our vasanas and thus for our mind frames
and we are, for our future gen's.

so our prayers should possibly work better for our future generations rather than for ourselves. :)

still, all we can do is pray and hope for the best.

Some one who came to consult me long back, was advised mahamrtyunjaya mantra 10008 times for 41 days. He really wanted to try.  But he couldn't just do it. He had no mind frame for even that.

So i suggested him to start a simple Ganapati penance so that he could complete mahamrtyunjaya successfully. This time it clicked. Mahamrtyunjaya didnt give him any other result immediately other than that he felt more confident to face the inevitable. (as per him..that itself was a miracle, coz he was so afraid before. )

an engineering student who had lost as many as 12 papers, was on the verge of dropping out from the course. He was advised to give his love affair a little less energy, take a yoga vacation and a few other pariharams. But something or other came up and blocked all his efforts..
he was given ganapati traolikya mohana mantram and 3 days of this upasana gave him the needed mind frame to do the other remedial measures.

i have seen in umpteen cases in people who are stuck..that they dont have sufficient blessings to start even the remedial measures.

One Ganesa mantra which can be chanted so that the remedial measures are executed without breaks, with the blessings of the concerned devatas is ganapati Trailokya mohana mantra.

vakrathundaika damshtraaya kleem hreem sreem gam ganapathae vara varada sarva janam mem vasamanaya swaha.

a practising friend asked me: why you prefer Ganesa..how can u give this mantra to other religion's people?
my answer: Ganesa is the lord of mooladhara.
the chakra from where starts the evolution from animal state to the higher one...

Aum Ganeshaya namaha.

Monday, September 23, 2013

existential vacuum- an astrological perspective

For a few of us, life is to prove to others that we are celebrating life.
to make money...to own a bugatti veyron or a villa in the most happening place...
or to have a happy happy family...
or to eat, eat and eat...
or to have sex till satiated
or to change the world...
or.......to attain moskha...!!!

well, anyways, it all mostly ends in vacuum....
what nexts give way to whys and what fors and we start deteriorating.....

core of core...our parents or child hood care takers instill a hero worship mode in us...
we see so many heroes..big brave brothers or fathers or call them Gods or Renouncers or  Saints or Leaders....
and knowingly or unknowingly we all want to be heroes...
and sooner or later we fail....because the benchmarks always play games....

surya- is the one who instills confidence in you
chandra gives you the mind
kuja gives you the drive
budha gives you the intellect
guru gives you the wisdom
sukra gives you the creative outlook and pleasures
sani gives you the discipline
rahu gives you the questioning mind and also gives strong attachments
and ketu gives you the detachment.

1st is the house of whole personality,
4th is the house of peace of mind
5th - wisdom
7th- sensual pleasures
11th- satiation
6, 8 and 12- dusthanas which bring pain, agony and frustration.

ofcourse...you need the grace of all the planets..to be IN the world.
But then, the dark vacuum is many a time the result of  a difficult Rahu , Ketu and the dusthanaswill .

Surya, chandra, a strong guru and sani are all so important, but then maya....the play of maya is a tug of war between rahu and ketu....it is indeed the game of the rasi chakra, the RAhu-SIkhi chakra....

will keep you posted..

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sri Vidya- very basic intro


Srividya is very ancient school of Goddess-centered Shakta worship where the primal force or sakthi which empowers the Shiva in otherwise samadhi form is worshipped through :

1. mantra
2. yantra; and
3. tantra.

Mantra- Here various sounds are arranged in specific order, chanting of which induces the oneness to whichever form including that of a yantra which is being worshipped.

Yantra is the symbolic diagram of shiva sakthi yogam which is used as a tool or machine.
Sriyantra consists of basically 4 upward triangles and 5 downward triangles forming 43 triangles in all and some symbolic shapes around it.

Tantra is simply put, the practise of mantra to use the yantra.
It is the utilization of the faculty to pursue the objective using mantra and yantra.

Srividya creates a systematic, esoteric discipline combining elements of the yogas of knowledge, of devotion, and of ritual. In the Shakta form of worship, Srividyopasana (i.e., the pursuit of enlightenment via Srividya) is considered the pinnacle of achievement.
If the aspirant is initiated properly, it is the ultimate path, because it gives you the experience of union with the Universe, the Cosmos.

And within Srividyopasana there are stages of practice - from simple recitation of mantras to long and ritually complex mediations.

For starters there is Lalita sahasranama where the essence of Srividya is subtly incorporated.
Anyone who has gone through lalita sahasranama would have seen the slightest explanation of movement of Kundalini shakthi through the various chakras.
And, modern science is now coming to understand how these energy centres are intimately related to most sophisticated glands like the pineal gland.

Various mahatapaswis before and after Adi Sankara have given their contributions in explaining this supreme Vidya. In the 32nd sloka of Soundarya lahari, the mantras and yantra formations are comprehensively expressed.

There are many paths of sadhana within Srividya. Only some are suitable for some.
Which is right for a given aspirant depends not only on one's level of spiritual development, but also upon one's circumstances.
But it can be stated that Samayachara is safer than Vama and Kaula margas because of the complexities involved.

All mantras cannot be recited by all people as there are compatibility issues. The only people who are entitled to recite any mantra is a Sri Vidya Upasaka.
There are some mantras that are not compatible for some, so the person who gives should know what is compatible and what is not, for the one who is receiving it.Only someone who is CHOSEN by Devi gets Sri Vidya. It is said you do not choose Sri Vidya but Sri Vidya chooses you.

Depending on the Samskara, capacity, tradition etc of the sadhaka, Tantra Shastra prescribes various ways of worship of the same Parabrahman. The various deities worshipped in Srichakra as tutelary deities to Mahatripurasundari. The main upAsyAs worshipped are: Kali, Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Chinnamasta, Bhairavi, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala with their respective Shiva-s or Mithunas being Mahakala, Akshobhya, Panchavaktra, Kameshwara, Tryambaka, Kabandha, Dakshinamurti, Maharudra, Matanga and Sadashiva or Mahavishnu. Dhumavathi is a widow without a Purusha Mithuna. Other than these Mahavidya Goddesses, Navadurgas, Kaamakhya and others in the fifty-one Shakti-Peethas, Mahalakshmi-Mahasaraswathi-Mahakali are all indeed forms of the same great mother Mahatripurasundari. Each Vidya has its own Rishi, Nyasa, Devata, meditation form, mantra, Yantra, Aavarana, Sadhana, Kavacha, Hridaya, Sahasranama etc.

The great galaxy of Devi worshippers includes Devas and seers- among who are the celebrated are Manu, Chandra, Kubera, Manmatha, Lopamudra, Sage Agastya, Skanda, Dattatreya, Indra and sage Durvasa.Some texts also mention Nandikeshwara, Surya, Yama, Shankara and Vishnu as well. Each of them has propagated their own schools regarding the worship methodology and significance of Srichakra and also the pattern of Srividya Mahamantra.

The two most prominent schools of Srividya are Kadi Vidya which traces back to Manmatha and Hadi Vidya, with Sri Lopamudra as its propagator.
1. Kaadi vidya - Kali krama or Samayamata or Kundalini yoga.
2. Haadi Vidya - Sundari krama or Hamsavidya or Kaulamata.

No doubt, SriVidya is one of the most powerful vidyas, but it is not for the ones who take upasana casually. It needs tremendous discipline and devotion.
But, the ones who practice Srividya ardently will vouch for it, Mahatripurasundari or Lalita or Para sakthi, whatever name you call Her, is the most benevolent one. She rains amritam on your yearning soul.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

the ultimate curse

Son of Acharya Drona and Krpi (hathayogini sister of Krpacharya) and Grand son of Sage Bharadwaja, Aswatthama is considered to be a chiranjeevin...
Cursed by Lord Krishna, he is said to be still alive, with a wound that never heals..

To have great Dronacharya as father, Aswatthama should have had a wonderful 9th house.
And, to have a grand father as great as Bharadwaja, he should have had a superb 9th of 9th, namely the 5th.
To have a hathayogini mother, his 4th house should have been good.

and, he had the ultimate bad luck to restlessly, desperately wander forever without mukthi....
very very interesting.....

aswatthama had a difficult, poverty stricken childhood(lagna and 2nd houses)
his association was with people like duryodhana, or rather he had to serve, duryodhana.
this must be the result of a difficult 3rd and 6th houses..
further support comes from the fact that he had a jealous disposition (to arjuna.)
Drona, though he loved aswatthama, had more guru/fatherly feeling for arjuna which pained aswatthama very badly. (sun difficult)

does the dictum bhavanadhipai samastham vichinthayeth hold good here, or is it the graha avasthas which prove to be more relevant?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

the truth about RAHU




i have experienced a different sense of truth, rights and wrongs.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

more on neecha bhanga rajayoga

there are many rules for neecha bhanga rajayogas but this is what i use, from my experience:

1) if a planet in neecha, then the lord of that neecha rasi should be in a good beneficial position in strength from both lagna and chandra.

or 2) the planet who gets exalted in the previously mentioned neecha rasi, should be in a good beneficial position in strength

eg. mesha lagna, with neecha sani in it.
for simplicity sake, lets suppose chandra is also in mesha.

then neecha bhanga of sani should be brought about by Kuja or Surya.

if it is by surya, i would prefer surya to be in 1st, 3rd, 5th or 9th,
rather than in 7th or 10th, as 7th happens to be surya's neecha rasi thula and 10th- makara- a satru kshetra.

(so, lets not get stuck to the conventionally used rules like the neecha bhanga causing planet has to be in a kendra.)

now, can navamsas act in neecha bhanga rajayoga?
yes, by helping us assess the balam of grahas.
(navamsa is only one method of assessing strength..lets not forget shadbalas..ishta phala etc...)

suppose a planet is neecha in navamsa, will neecha bhanga happen by the corresponding planets occupying the positions as mentioned before?

i strongly believe, navamsas are only for assessment of balam and not phalam.
balam = strength
phalam = result.

if you want to make life complicated go for all the navamsa based intricate predictions.
believe me, you will have a very tough time..
for each ayanamsa method you will have different navamsas!

when simple rules are applied with sense, we get good results.
why complicate?

what is the result of neecha bhanga raja yoga?
and is it possible to calculate the time of cancellation of debility?

suppose, sani is neecha what is the result?
will it cause severe lack of discipline?
vata imbalance?
a very high desire to be a leader, but still no drive to pursue it?

now u may understand why sani gets neecha bhanga through surya or kuja?
those 2 planets are high drive personalities.

if, sani gets aspected/combined with kuja or surya, then neecha bhanga gets more expressiveness (like how einstein got neecha bhanga by the yoga of exalted sukra with neecha budha.)

time period?
look out for the dasa apaharas of bhanga causing planets.

it is an exciting exercise.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Results for Gemstones

Some astrologers and jewellers assure that a gemstone will solve all the problems.
Lets see:

If anyone wears a Ruby / Manikyam will that take care of his Surya/Sun affliction?
or for that matter can any stone be a remedy for graha doshas?

it is like asking, if one chants mahamrtyunjaya 108 times, will one get cured of his diseases, will he get extension of life? or how many days/years/no of times one should chant to get results?

I answer, it is all about your mind...if you wear it/chant with poorna arpanam, (full devotion), it will surely help you in reducing the evils..will bring more positivity.

"have you tested it?"
apparently, only 5 out of 100 cases, gemstones have helped.
atleast 50 of 100 cases, regular chantings have helped.
a combination of both, better.

i suggest gemstones, when i feel the concerned person's energy is very low.
sometimes, the energy levels are so low, that you can't even pray!
travel, trekking, a good book..anything can change the mind set...
it is all about how to trigger the change...

i have seen many who have never broken daily religious rituals and yet affected by very serious mundane issues. the saying goes like: even siva and krishna had to suffer the wrath of grahas!
But the way, practitioners rebound and the in-disciplined ones suffer have to be really observed!

Let me summarize the way Gemstones have to be worn.

Keep the stone/(however u want to wear, as a ring..bracelet or whatever) at a positive energy zone, say in your pooja room..
Chant the mantra for the graha (more the number of times you chant, the better.), for a minimum of 7 days, and then only wear it.

try to wear Ruby (for surya/sun
on a Sunday btwn 6 30 and 7 30 am on rt ring finger
Pearl/muthu for Chandra/moon on monday, same time, on rt ring finger
Pavizham/Coral for Kuja/Mars on tuesday(time remains same), on rt ring finger
Maratakam/emerald for Budha/mercury on wednesday on rt little finger
Yellow sapphire//pushyaragam for Gur/jupiter on thursday on rt index or ring finger
Diamond/ vajram for Sukra/venus on friday on rt thumb or middle finger
Blue sapphire/indraneelam for sani/saturn on saturday on rt middle finger

gomedaka/hessonite garnet for rahu/dragons head on saturday  on lt middle finger
Cats eye/vaidhoorya for ketu/dragon's tail on tuesday on lt ring finger.

for graha mantras refer:

i have come to understand that a small stone with good transparency and color will work better than large stone with less clarity. Also, don't bother too much if it has to be in silver or gold or copper.
Silver is very much ok.

it is better that we wear stones after a proper analysis.
for eg. wearing cats eye during the period of chandra dasa or surya dasa may prove to be very difficult.

good luck.

Spiritual effects of Guru/Jupiter transit into Mithuna/Gemini

When we consider transits, most importance is generally given to Jupiter's and Saturn's.
Jupiter's movement into Gemini will take some more time to be fully felt as per the 2nd line of the sloka:

Dinakara rudhirou pravesa kalae
GuruBhrgujou bhavanasya madhyayathou
Ravisuthasasinou vinirgamasthou
sasithanaya: phaladasthu sarvakaalam.

who all will gain maximum?
(lagna or moon in these signs)
Rishabha rasi people will have Guru in 2nd and Sani in 6th.
Simha rasi----------Guru in 11th and Sani in 3rd
Dhanu--------------Guru in 7th and Sani in 11th

But it is Libra/Thula and aquarius/Kumbha rasi people who will feel the spiritual effects of Guru's transit more than any other signs, as Guru will be in 9th or 5th and at the same time Sani+ rahu is unsettling in janma/lagna or 9th respectively for those signs.

it goes without saying that we will have to consider the total effect of relative positions from lagna-chandra and surya rasis.

lets keep watching..

Saturday, June 8, 2013


planetary combinations or states which make you feel high in your own eyes as well as in others' can be called rajayogas.

suppose, one has a raja yoga combination in one's chart but had no supporting dasa- apaharas, then, the yoga gets wasted.

As an example, lets take the case of a person with neecha Sani. He got cancellation of debility through exalted Sukra, in lagna Kendra. But he didn't get Sukra dasa or Sani dasa, in his life. This fisherman's life never really had any highs. During the apaharas of Sukra, he had small improvements, but never anything which provided neechabhanga or cancellation of debility. Sukra exalted people, will do well when art is practised with devotion, a very difficult pariharam to do as art practice, generally fills one up with negative ego.

this man's only son died, struck with lightning at an age of 16.
here's the son's data: april 18, 1978, thrissur dt, kerala. at 6 15 pm

with thula lagna, uccha surya, in 7th with lagnadhipa Sukra and 11th chandra, it was difficult to understand why the person died so, in sukra-sani period.

tried changing time of birth to 6: 01 pm and the lagna change to kannya, made things clearer.
ayanamsas...sidhantas...changed times...lot of things can contribute to the confusion..
may the new students gain something from this...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Remedies and Navagraha temples at Kumbhakonam

Shanti pariharams in Nadi readings mostly suggest to visit the navagraha temples near Kumbhakonam.

from kochi, the trip by car was not as tiring as i thought...good roads...and the climate was not as hot as i thought it would be!

i happened to visit the Guru Vasishteswara  temple at Thittai too.
read about the way chandrakantham stone is set above the Siva linga, that the stone absorbs moisture from the air, converts that into a drop of water and drips onto the Linga every 20-24 mins!
it was an amazing experience.

let me not discuss about the parihara poojas, but deep prayers at those temples really cleanses your soul. Of course, i agree that prayers from any where will do good, but i feel, some places give you a better platform to pray..to connect...


Saturday, April 13, 2013

The difference between mantra sthaana and upasana sthaana.

we all know that 5th house is the mantra sthaana and 9th is upasana.
can 5th and 9th be different directions?
for eg. if mercury is in 5th house in mesha/aries and ketu in 9th house, leo, who should one pursue?
sreekrishna or ganesha?

lagna is this birth, 5th is poorva punnya, ie carry over from past birth and 9th is parapunnya or what you carry to next birth.

from this logic, isn't it better to pursue the 9th instead of what is already over, namely, whats indicated by 5th?

but can one pursue what is indicated in 9th without the support of 5th?
so, may be we should start with what is indicated in 5th and then progress to 9th.

Monday, April 8, 2013

changing fate through remedies/propitiations

Is there some thing called absolute destiny, or can we do any thing to influence it?

As we are the media through which so many dramas (leela) are going on, surely there must be some thing that we can do about it.

Every time we think of exercising will power, we will remember our past futile attempts.
Or some climate which worked against our will.

Do we have the real power to exercise will power?
Or even that is a leela of the Absolute?

(can an iron piece decide how it should behave, or is it fully about the decision of the one who is handling it?)

During Kuja (occupying 7th house) dasa - Shukra (occupying 12th) apahara period, i had told one lady who consulted me that she will have to be careful of her loyalties in relationship.

She wanted to be careful, yet she couldn't resist the temptations and reached a situation which made her tremendously guilty.

This is not a stand alone case.

Why is it that we can't exercise will power even when we pray?
Prayers are supposed to make us more strong, then what goes wrong?

I know a thousand mothers who have prayed so ardently for their dying kids.
I know only a few who succeeded.

So is it that only a small percentage succeed?
Then is it all just a chance?

When we have a clear intention for a prayer, our heart may not be fully absorbed in the prayer.
May be, the mind takes over.

Many times, i have observed that only after i become fully helpless, only when i get desperate that my prayers won't help me, at His own Time and pace, Help appears.

Mantras and prayers, if done not bribing, but with a full heart..work.
Mantras and prayers are positive distractions for the street smart mind.

We may start quite mechanically, but with time, we may get layam (absorption into it)
But, even for this we need Grace.
So, whose game is it?!!

May He give us the power to pray.
To be absorbed into our prayers.

Om Shanti..shanti..shanti:

Friday, March 15, 2013

siva rathri for libra and gemini

people with chandra in thula/libra or with thula as ascendant had no marked spiritual experiences during this siva rathri or amavasya next day., though the 5th house was in play.
(but it was observed that there were emotional melodramas in 3 cases out of 10..)

whereas for gemini or mithuna(9th house is kumbha for these people) this was a marked introvert phase.

9th is more important for spiritual practice than 5th..?

Monday, March 11, 2013


25th february 2013 was fullmoon of the month of kumbha
11th march 2013 is newmoon.

but siva ratri is not on new moon.
it is on maagha chaturdasi, ie the day before new moon.

when there is no moon,
there is no mind.

when there is no mind..
your soul merges into His.





10-03-2013, 10 pm, kochi


imagine what must happened to thula/libra ascendant people at 10 pm IST tonite!
see the 5th house
and the 8th guru.

will ask my libra ascendant friends and come back.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saturn/sani- laziness or discipline?

we say- mando alasaha.
which means- saturn is lazy or the one with saturnian influence is lazy.

when saturn comes into lagna/ascendant or into 5th house, we expect the person to be dull.
we have so many very creative and hard working people with saturn in these houses.
once again the principle of lord of house is more important than the planet occupying the house.

i have experienced that a good saturn will make one-
disciplined, persevering, just and truthful.

saturn/sani in 6th house and longevity or length of life

Astrology is one of the toughest sciences as,
n number of contradicting rules have to be weighed and judged to come to right conclusions.

First thing that we study in a horoscope is longevity.
If ascending sign, it's lord, the planet occupying it,
8th house, its lord and whoever aspects it, are all positive
we come to a conclusion that there is full potential for a full life.
Malefic planets in 3, 6 and 11, increase the strength of life.
So does yogas like Panchamahapurushas.

A very misunderstood concept is the positivity of houses like 6th.
Classical texts say that Saturn likes 6th house.
It promotes Saturn and results of saturn.
But it makes the 6th house very difficult.
Saturn in 6th house gives victory over vile enemies, but then it's frustrating to have those enemies!

So what good does Saturn in 6th do?
It gives material success through persistence.
It gives endurance.
It makes one elastic.
It makes one almost a glutton.
It gives one a sturdy long life too.

One of the most important rules of astrology is that the lord of the house is more important than the planet occupying the house. So, the dispositor of 6th house saturn is of critical relevance.
So is the case of aspects and other relationships.

Imagine the case of saturn going into simha/leo for meena lagna.
as sani is in satru/enemy house, ie of sun, it will become a first rate difficult planet, provided sun is also afflicted.

suppose a person with pushya/anuradha/uttarabhadra star has the above combination, as saturn dasa will be his first dasa, that particular period will be very difficult.
Suppose, sun and moon gets weak and jupiter not providing enough support, length of life will be surely affected.

when the basic issue of ayanamsa itself has not been satisfactorily solved, it is highly illogical to calculate still finer stuff like mrtyu sphuta and judge death based on it.

if the basic rules are sensibly applied there will be better results.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spirituality and hypocrisy

Every 3rd person on the road claims to be spiritual now.
Most people pray.
Pray for good marks, job, money, house, vehicle, more comforts, better status..
and of course, for health and peace..

Every 3rd person, suffers horribly.
and the ones who don't suffer much for the time being, close their eyes to reality and tell themselves..
"i wont be affected by all this..all eez well.."

We are all living amidst big bombs.
Big problems which may explode in our lives any moment..
as a cancer to our loved one or severe financial or personal issues.
Even the most disciplined ones can't escape from this.
Even the ones who pray a lot too suffer from all these bombs..

People cut off themselves from the loud material world, but make themselves comfortable in their own small way..trying to exercise control over their situations and circumstances..
i call it comfortable spirituality. and yet....

Someone stole a spiritual one's i -phone and he's unable to drop the issue!

A land lord harasses a spiritual practitioner for more money and the practitioner feels the game has to be played accordingly.

What should be the ideal way to conduct oneself, when one is in a spiritual path?
Should you defend yourself when you are being wronged?
Should a spiritual person participate in Freedom struggle?
or help a beggar on street?
or protect a woman from a group of teasers?

I remember reading Ramana maharshi advising a disciple who wanted to take part in freedom struggle.."you take care of your inner world and then the outer world won't trouble you."

only a true Vairagi(detached one) can be called spiritual.
one who will accept even pain inflicted on him just as equal as a tasty chocolate..
as the gift of the Supernatural power..

One who won't defend his status..
one who doesn't mind losing his everything..
one who is merged in Self..

one without any transactions.
very very very rare.


Friday, January 25, 2013

cancer in stomach- during exalted venus dasa

XXXX, May 16, 1985 at 02:40 AM, north kerala
(ayanamsa used- 22-12-23.98)







(Vimsottari) Dasa balance- almost 14 years Budha dasa







As per the ayanamsa used, present period is Venus dasa- Kuja sub period.

Sukra who occupies lagna, though in Uccha/exaltation, is the lord of 3rd and 8th house for Meena lagna.
(similar case is given in hora about kuja going into 5th house for kannya lagna causing child death, though kuja is in uccha, because of his 3rd and 8th rulership)

Lagna lord, Guru is in neecha rasi though in 11th house.
surya has lost strength due to satrukshetra navamsa.
chandra doesnt have paksha bala, though as 5th lord posited in another trikona, lagna should do well.

stomach surgery was performed, 3 days back and the patient has been told that there is nothing much to expect.

will she recover?

9th house is the house of medicines, by the dictum "gurujanaparapunnyoushadham"
in 9th, it is saturn in retro.
9th lord kuja is in neechamsa.
looks tough.
lets pray for her.