ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Monday, September 23, 2013

existential vacuum- an astrological perspective

For a few of us, life is to prove to others that we are celebrating life.
to make money...to own a bugatti veyron or a villa in the most happening place...
or to have a happy happy family...
or to eat, eat and eat...
or to have sex till satiated
or to change the world...
or.......to attain moskha...!!!

well, anyways, it all mostly ends in vacuum....
what nexts give way to whys and what fors and we start deteriorating.....

core of core...our parents or child hood care takers instill a hero worship mode in us...
we see so many heroes..big brave brothers or fathers or call them Gods or Renouncers or  Saints or Leaders....
and knowingly or unknowingly we all want to be heroes...
and sooner or later we fail....because the benchmarks always play games....

surya- is the one who instills confidence in you
chandra gives you the mind
kuja gives you the drive
budha gives you the intellect
guru gives you the wisdom
sukra gives you the creative outlook and pleasures
sani gives you the discipline
rahu gives you the questioning mind and also gives strong attachments
and ketu gives you the detachment.

1st is the house of whole personality,
4th is the house of peace of mind
5th - wisdom
7th- sensual pleasures
11th- satiation
6, 8 and 12- dusthanas which bring pain, agony and frustration.

ofcourse...you need the grace of all the planets..to be IN the world.
But then, the dark vacuum is many a time the result of  a difficult Rahu , Ketu and the dusthanaswill .

Surya, chandra, a strong guru and sani are all so important, but then maya....the play of maya is a tug of war between rahu and ketu....it is indeed the game of the rasi chakra, the RAhu-SIkhi chakra....

will keep you posted..

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sri Vidya- very basic intro


Srividya is very ancient school of Goddess-centered Shakta worship where the primal force or sakthi which empowers the Shiva in otherwise samadhi form is worshipped through :

1. mantra
2. yantra; and
3. tantra.

Mantra- Here various sounds are arranged in specific order, chanting of which induces the oneness to whichever form including that of a yantra which is being worshipped.

Yantra is the symbolic diagram of shiva sakthi yogam which is used as a tool or machine.
Sriyantra consists of basically 4 upward triangles and 5 downward triangles forming 43 triangles in all and some symbolic shapes around it.

Tantra is simply put, the practise of mantra to use the yantra.
It is the utilization of the faculty to pursue the objective using mantra and yantra.

Srividya creates a systematic, esoteric discipline combining elements of the yogas of knowledge, of devotion, and of ritual. In the Shakta form of worship, Srividyopasana (i.e., the pursuit of enlightenment via Srividya) is considered the pinnacle of achievement.
If the aspirant is initiated properly, it is the ultimate path, because it gives you the experience of union with the Universe, the Cosmos.

And within Srividyopasana there are stages of practice - from simple recitation of mantras to long and ritually complex mediations.

For starters there is Lalita sahasranama where the essence of Srividya is subtly incorporated.
Anyone who has gone through lalita sahasranama would have seen the slightest explanation of movement of Kundalini shakthi through the various chakras.
And, modern science is now coming to understand how these energy centres are intimately related to most sophisticated glands like the pineal gland.

Various mahatapaswis before and after Adi Sankara have given their contributions in explaining this supreme Vidya. In the 32nd sloka of Soundarya lahari, the mantras and yantra formations are comprehensively expressed.

There are many paths of sadhana within Srividya. Only some are suitable for some.
Which is right for a given aspirant depends not only on one's level of spiritual development, but also upon one's circumstances.
But it can be stated that Samayachara is safer than Vama and Kaula margas because of the complexities involved.

All mantras cannot be recited by all people as there are compatibility issues. The only people who are entitled to recite any mantra is a Sri Vidya Upasaka.
There are some mantras that are not compatible for some, so the person who gives should know what is compatible and what is not, for the one who is receiving it.Only someone who is CHOSEN by Devi gets Sri Vidya. It is said you do not choose Sri Vidya but Sri Vidya chooses you.

Depending on the Samskara, capacity, tradition etc of the sadhaka, Tantra Shastra prescribes various ways of worship of the same Parabrahman. The various deities worshipped in Srichakra as tutelary deities to Mahatripurasundari. The main upAsyAs worshipped are: Kali, Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Chinnamasta, Bhairavi, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala with their respective Shiva-s or Mithunas being Mahakala, Akshobhya, Panchavaktra, Kameshwara, Tryambaka, Kabandha, Dakshinamurti, Maharudra, Matanga and Sadashiva or Mahavishnu. Dhumavathi is a widow without a Purusha Mithuna. Other than these Mahavidya Goddesses, Navadurgas, Kaamakhya and others in the fifty-one Shakti-Peethas, Mahalakshmi-Mahasaraswathi-Mahakali are all indeed forms of the same great mother Mahatripurasundari. Each Vidya has its own Rishi, Nyasa, Devata, meditation form, mantra, Yantra, Aavarana, Sadhana, Kavacha, Hridaya, Sahasranama etc.

The great galaxy of Devi worshippers includes Devas and seers- among who are the celebrated are Manu, Chandra, Kubera, Manmatha, Lopamudra, Sage Agastya, Skanda, Dattatreya, Indra and sage Durvasa.Some texts also mention Nandikeshwara, Surya, Yama, Shankara and Vishnu as well. Each of them has propagated their own schools regarding the worship methodology and significance of Srichakra and also the pattern of Srividya Mahamantra.

The two most prominent schools of Srividya are Kadi Vidya which traces back to Manmatha and Hadi Vidya, with Sri Lopamudra as its propagator.
1. Kaadi vidya - Kali krama or Samayamata or Kundalini yoga.
2. Haadi Vidya - Sundari krama or Hamsavidya or Kaulamata.

No doubt, SriVidya is one of the most powerful vidyas, but it is not for the ones who take upasana casually. It needs tremendous discipline and devotion.
But, the ones who practice Srividya ardently will vouch for it, Mahatripurasundari or Lalita or Para sakthi, whatever name you call Her, is the most benevolent one. She rains amritam on your yearning soul.