ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


we are living in a very significant age.
where we see the powerful ones' truths being examined.

the karaka for power is sun/surya.
righteousness is jupiter/guru and discipline is saturn/sani.

the house for research and investigations is 8th house and the universal zodiac's 8th house is vrishcika or scorpio.

rahu(dragon head) is also called the mayavi or illusion creator or the pseudo or the mask.
now we see lot of fake faces being torn.

rahu is in vrischika till mid january 2013, the zodiacal 8th. occupying 7th from jupiter.
sani is in uccham.

let their be lot of cleansing..as long as it can last.

what will debilitation of venus bring to the world this time?

venus/sukra is the karaka for pleasure..
vehicles, fashion, art, romance..

when the karaka for Self, sun/surya in debilitation, is in yoga with saturn/sani the karaka for discipline, who is in exaltation, there will be much thought about the worth of relationships.
we can expect lot of relationships based on very shaky grounds crumbling down.

people with scorpio/vrichika, aquarius/kumbha, taurus/rishabha and leo/simha rasis as ascendants or moon  or sun signs will benefit as Budha/mercury will be in kendra(1,4,7, 10) for these rasis, inducing a neecha bhanga rajayoga.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

natural calamity during new moon/amavasya

normally, we can expect natural calamities during fullmoons/newmoons, if there are influencing combinations like agni marutha(mars-saturn) or ketu/sani.

this amavasya, ketu and mars are in mutual 7th and sani is in uccham.
though mars-saturn combination is absent, mars is in thula amsa, the rasi where sani is posited.

do we have to expect something in areas ruled by kannya, thula, vrischika, and rishabha?
lets watch it.


significance of amavasya or new moon

since long time, i am observing how people behave towards fullmoon and newmoon.
for this i categorized people into 2.

ones with strong moon(shukla paksha waxing moon) and in benefic houses/rasis.
and the others with weak moon.

i felt that people with strong moons behaved rather over enthusiastic and irrational during fullmoons and very cool and logical during new moons.

reg people with weak moons, fullmoon period was good for them and new moons were depressing or generating ill health.

new moon or amavasya has been considered very auspicious time by tantrics since it gives more focus for the practice.

whenever atma which is indicated by Sun, mind, indicated by moon and intellect indicated by mercury comes together, it opens a grand frame for self enquiry.

if we have the capability to do it or not will have to be seen from the blessings of Jupiter, initiative of mars and patience and perseverance of saturn. And, of course, no distractions from venus.

dynamic approach- combining birth chart and query time chart

During my first few years as an astrologer, i used to get confused about the variation in results and their timings.

As i got introduced to various ayanamsas like Raman, KP, Chandrahari, Jagannatha etc, i understood many astrologers are as confused as i am.

everyone had their own justifications for their proposals, but chandrahari, raman, n true lahiri ayanamsa was definitely more acceptable to me.

as this is one science which can be interpreted anyway one can imagine, justifying some past charts was easy.

however knowledgeable the astrologer is, his predictions are what matters the most.
and, just from rasi and navamsa no one can really predict anything correctly.

what needs to be practiced is a dynamic approach.

make a chart from
the time of birth,
the time of question and then combine the 2 results along with the lakshanams and nimithams(signlas from nature) you receive during your thought.

this works better.

foreign residence astrology-

I know many spiritual practitioners, who don't know astrology, but who guide people who come to them, take right decisions.

I know many knowledgeable astrologers who err in their counselling.

Imagine a case, when the questioner asks, "will i go stay abroad or not?"

ascendant was dhanus(sagittarius) and Guru(jupiter) was placed in makara(capricorn), a movable sign.
(tob: 10 may 1973, 22 :35 pm, chennai, india.)

10th lord, Budha/mercury was in 5th, mesha(aries) again a movable sign.
9th lord was again in 5th, aries.

The person was running kuja/mars dasa and the 12th lord, Kuja/mars was in 3rd house in kumbha/aquarius a fixed sign. It had aspect from saturn/sani from 6th house.

the karma bhavadhipa  and lagna lord indicates lot of movement, but in reality this person had never really travelled. so, during his kuja in fixed sign, one cant expect him to go abroad.

but the astrologer, citing the 12th house lordship and 3rd positioning of kuja, indicated that the person has the yoga to travel, and thus go abroad.

So, which are the houses for foreign travel?
12th, 9th signifies long travels and 3rd house shows only short travels.

if the 12th lord is in a fixed sign, generally there is less probability for residence abroad.
and during movable sign posited graha's dasa periods we can expect travel, but not residence