ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Friday, July 16, 2010

more on 3rd house

3rd house is known for courage, valour, brothers, help from friends, neighbours, documentation skills etc.

from my experience i have felt that, it is the house of business organizing too. Many a failed businessman has got a 3rd house occupied by a subha/benefic graha like sukra/venus or guru/jupitor or chandra/moon or budha/mercury.

by niyama, 3rd and 6th house are good positions for malefic planets, the logic being that upachaya(3, 6, 10 and 11) houses are aggressive houses.

can't timid people be successful too? lets find out more.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

playing God

i have observed myself trying to play God, often..
assuring people that the pariharams i suggest will magically transform their problems into opportunities.

i have seen many a cancer patient die, inspite of my assurances..
i have seen myself waiting year after year for right things to happen....

but still, i don't feel too guilty..
i am only trying to be of help..
by giving more confidence..
by offering a new perspective..

when my pariharams work.. i know..God is indeed kind..to them..and to me..
and when it doesn't, i console myself.. there's karma to be dispensed..

astrology is a great science. BUt it just can't define God's actions.
Oh God, may i be a good medium to you. May i be a part of You.. may i be YOU..

the myth about paapa saamyam or horoscope matching

i have been observing this for long now..
failures in marriage even after so much of elaborate horoscope matching by 'great' astrologers!

when a person's 7th house is afflicted, there will be volatility..
and when loss is indicated, there will be.

it is sure that such a person will get the result at the corresponding dasa/apahara.

will papa samyam(matching of negativity) help in anyway?
how can you match it, man? its already decided anyways.

astrology is a good guide to be prepared, not to change the destiny.
so won't astrology make us all passive?
no, it will make us more bold, truthful and spiritual.

who cares, when all is well?!

Its the fear of pain that slows down the material me.
When i fear that a deadly disease could be waiting for the right moment to express itself,
that i may have a miserable end..

without much effort, i am able to center on my self.

Is my self the self.. i don't know..
but i am quite content with my focus.

Let me be..

Hasta nakshatra, cancer lagna, lets see if this is true..

When the 7th lord is in a dusthana, namely, 6, 8, 12 (provided he is a benefic) and when he has a bad navamsa, there is a high chance of spouse's death.
Naturally you will find the spouse's lagnadhipa weak, 8th afflicted etc. etc.

For a karkataka lagna, when sani is in 12th house along with Khantakaraka Ketu, and when the spouse's horoscope has got rahu in dhanu lagna,
guru in neecha, and 8th lord in 9th house, we can assume an early death of the spouse.

In this particular case i am analysing now, From Rishabha Chandra, as Kuja is in 12th, in neecha amsa, the chances are high.

So whens the period?

Guru dasa, Sani apahara
Guru dasa, Ketu apahara or Kuja apahara

Sani dasa, Guru/ketu/kuja apaharas

lets see.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Clarity, sweetness and positivity of intelligence..

Sweetness of Intelligence is a wrong translation of Buddhi Maadhuryam.
Anyways, Intelligence, Memory and Wisdom are the 3 elements of the Buddhi that i mean.

Life is worth it when all you do lead to positive energy.
To yourself, to all around you..to your mother earth..and to the entire universe.

What about a painter who paints sad /negative portraits?
If the emotion that it generates, in turn leads to anything positive, then that is positivity.

Buddha(Mercury) is the signifactor planet of Intelligence vis a vis logic.
Chandra or Moon for clarity of mind and memory
and Guru or Jupitor for wisdom.

so which all houses are in question?
5th house, 9th house and lagna or ascendant, primarily.

what if you have a rahu or sani in ascendant?
what if you have 5th lord sani in 12 th house?
what if the new moon is conjunct with ketu in 5th in Kumbha/ aquarius?

we see great scientists with these yogas!

dont tell me poorva janma vasanas!
its your interpretation that needs finer tuning.

science = laws/
laws = definitions = limitations
anything with real life expands...