ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Friday, March 30, 2012

basic body constitution(prakriti) and birth signs

In ayurveda, vata, pitta and kapha(tridoshas) are considered as the 3 body humours or the vital energies, which together constitute the basic body constitution. This is called the prakriti of the body. This may vary and the state of body at any particular point of time, is called vikriti. (It may be same as prakriti or can vary depending on lot of physical factors and emotional factors.)

Mesha, Simha and Dhanus(Aries, Leo and Sagittarius signs) represent the fiery elements or the agni tatwa.

Rishabha, Kannya and Makara(taurus, virgo and capricorn) indicate the earth or prithvi tatwa.

Mithuna, Thula and Kumbha(gemini, libra and aquarius) indicate the vayu tatwa or the air element.

Karkataka, Vrischika and Meena(cancer, scorpio and pisces) indicate the water element or jala tatwa.

Vata = vayu.

Pitta = agni.

Kapha = prithvi + jala.

when you have a predominance of agni tatwa rasis (fiery signs namely, aries, leo and sagittarius) your pitta will get more accentuated.

like wise, other elements too.

also, each graha or planet has a vata-pitta-kapha nature.
eg. sun/surya, mars/kuja, and ketu/dragins tail are pitta.
chandra/moon, guru/jupiter, venus/shukra are kapha
sani/saturn and rahu/dragon's head are vata
budha/mercury is a mix of all 3, but skewing towards sani as far as taste is considered.

for robust health, you need a balanced humour state of vata-pitta- kapha

You can find a skew in vata-pitta-kapha through your tastes too.

Surya (Sun) – Pungent tastes
Soma (Moon) - Salty tastes
Mangal (Mars) – Bitter tastes
Budha (Mercury) – Mixed tastes
Brihaspati (Jupiter) – Sweet tastes
Shukra (Venus) – Acid or Citric tastes
Shani (Saturn) – Astringent tastes

Now, lets see how vata-pitta-kapha rules over bones, blood, nerves etc.

Surya (Sun) – Asthi (Bones)
Soma (Moon) – Rakta (Blood)
Mangal (Mars) – Majja (Marrow or Nerves)
Budha (Mercury) – Rasa (Skin)
Guru (Jupiter) – Meda (Fat)
Shukra (Venus) – Shukra (Semen)
Shani (Saturn) – Mamsa (Muscles)

the fine art is about reading the combined effect of relative strengths and weaknesses.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

albert einstien's horoscope- an inspiration to overcome one's limitations



Kuja 14, 1879 at 11:30 AM in Ulm (Allemagne)








14-03-1879, 11.30 AM, ULM, GERMANY



















4th lord, Budha, though also the lagna lord, is in its Neecha rasi, meena, in 10th.The drishti of Sani, being the 8th lord, to the 4th house gives obstacles. The great scientist’s education was not very smooth, as he had speech problems (budha is also the karaka for speech) in the first years, and too many closed doors due to his rough relationships with mentors. The cancellation of debility of Budha by means of Sukra seen from lagna and Guru when seen from Chandra of course helped him get right breaks at later stages. Also, the full aspect of 4th lord into the 4th house, eased things better.


The Manokaraka, krishnapaksha Chandra is in his neecha rasi, and has amsaka in 8th house, rendering him very weak, accounting for his absent mindedness and many whims he was notorious for, right from his childhood.


2nd lord Chandra is in neecha in upachaya 6th house, which is an expansive house, but an unfavourable house for Chandra. Its dispositor, Kuja is uccha, in 8th house, aspecting the 2nd house fully. It is almost like 2nd lord is in 6th and 6th lord is in 2nd. Like a parivartana. But as both 6th and 8th are dusthanas, it can be said that his knowledge led him into lot of trouble and pain, though got him awards and money.

Also, 2nd house is occupied by the mystic planet, Ketu. Here the aspect of Kuja gets special significance as it is said, “kujavad Ketu”. Ketu, the planet symbolizing, thunderous lightning and sub-conscious mind, also must have been responsible along with Kuja and Chandra, for his deep knowledge in the fields of photo-electric effect and relativity theory.


The 10th lord Guru in bhagya, the 9th house and amsa in bandhukshetra Vrischika renders it strong. Also, note the fantastic combination of lagna lord/4th lord Budha, 3rd lord Surya, 5th /12th lord Sukra, and 8th /9th lord Sani together in the 10th house. These are meant to give results to the jobs undertaken, though Sani as the 8th lord, will create occasional hurdles and delays.


9th lord Sani’s positioning in 10th has to be considered far superior than its great association with Uccha Sukra who is the lord of prathibha 5th house, Veerya rasi(3rd ) lord Surya, and lagna lord Budha. (See the karma bhaygyadhipa’s parivartanam.)

5th lord, Sukra, is in 10th house, meena, exalted and in bhagyamsa. 5th house is aspected by none other than Guru, the lord of karma. (Gnana karaka too!) Another significant factor is the combination of both the trikonas 9th and 5th in the Kendra 10th.


Lagna lord, 4th lord, 2nd lord, and mano karaka Chandra are in Neecha. 2nd lord Chandra is in dusthana though its dispositor Kuja is in Uccha, but again in the dusthana 8th.These would have prompted at least a few astrologers to predict bad education/knowledge to the native. But the poorvapunnya/prathibha sthanam 5th house scored over all the negatives to make the native a brilliantly knowledgeable scientist. Ably supported by the 9th lord Sani and Guru, the karma lord who is posited in bhagyam.

krittika and rohini stars- characteristics

Krittika: "Scissors” – Burn and purify..
(Kuja(as first 1/4th is in mesha)/Surya(as 2nd 3/4th is in rishabha)-Kuja-Agni.)

Emotional orientation is permanently energized to reshape, sharpen & improve. Acts to incise inferiority, imperfection, and disease. The body has hot temperature and the passions fiery. Uses words as cutting instruments. Surgical skill with cutting edges, razors, knives, lasers, fire, most forms of metal weaponry. Good cook. Deep anxiety can trigger excessive behavior to food, drink, and sex:.

Rohini: "growth and fertility" (Shukra-Chandra-Brahma)

Artistic, possessive, and sensual. Beautiful eyes. Females in particular have a fine sense in dress & ornaments, vehicles, and home decor; also they display a silver spoon short temper. Rohini adores children, fine arts & music, & favors a luxurious sensual lifestyle. Physically attractive & highly knowledgeable in sensual arts.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

planets, transits and present time

how do we judge how good is the present time for a person?

here is the golden rule:

1) always see for the dasa-apahara first. (i prefer the simplest- vimsottari)

2) look for the transits from moon, lagna and sun.

3) look at the ashtakavarga too.

most astrologers give max priority to guru(jupiter) and sani(saturn) in transit.
i think the no 1 priority should be given for lagnadhipa or the lord of the ascendant.
no 2 should be moon sign and its dispositor.(the lord of the moon sign posited in which rasi and house),
then the sun and then only saturn and jupiter and other planets.

when a particular topic is being thought, look at the pertaining house lord and the signifactor(karaka) too.

when jupiter is in 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11 max benefits can be expected if there is no vedham for it.

when you consider a 30 year circle of sani, 7 1/2 yrs go as ezhara sani, 2 1/2 yrs as ashtama sani, 10 years as kantaka sani(in 1, 4, 7 and 10th houses)...so effectively we get hardly 10 years with sani in relatively good position.

the point i am trying to make is that, its better that a layman doesn't look at transits.
when saturn comes ok, guru goes wrong or may be its the kuja.
it needs a competent astrologer to read the cumulative effect of these planets.

never make your decisions after reading the year/month/week ahead columns.

Star characteristics- moon in bharani, pooram, pooradam

Bharani : Translates to “Container". Discipline, sacrifice and power to depart. (Kuja-Shukra-Yama)

Emotionally sensible & conservative. Feels persistent burdens in life, many obligations and duties. Issues with jealousy – the native feels towards others and also others feel envy towards the native. Tends towards human resources roles. One's work will also bear sweet fruits of wealth & rewarding work-related relationships (Shukra-Kuja). Can be a workaholic. Truth and justice play a big role in their lives.

Purvaphalguni: Union - refined & discriminating (Surya-Shukra-Aryaman)

Active beings, both socially and physically. The native
is sensual, sociable, and committed to the path of enjoyment in human relationships. Surya creates generosity and some philosophical awareness, while Shukra pursues the path of sensual pleasure and fun. The need to feel privileged & refined is very pronounced.

Poorvashada: revitalizing, as from a bath.
(Guru -Shukra - Apah)

Purvashada "the invincible sea". The ocean always wins. This native, however wrong-headed one may be, will never change course and never give up the fight. Purvashada expresses mainly the outer-directed worldly energy of invincibility. Positive traits include personal determination, work ethic, fierce loyalty to a cause, and unshakable commitment to reach the goal regardless of its validity.

Monday, March 19, 2012

comment about astrology by a practicing psychotherapist friend

Astrology is at best a pseudoscience with little or no empirical evidence to support its claims. However, people are entitled to their beliefs, and if some people find that believing in the powers of planetary alignment or whatever gives them symptomatic relief, then that's just fine by me. I feel the same way about homeopathy, witchcraft, religion, magic, alchemy etc etc. - their placebo effect can be powerful, but to claim that deep-rooted psychological or physical problems can be cured by them is disingenuous at best and potentially dangerous. Counselling doesn't claim to have all the answers, but aims to help individuals to use their own resources to end potentially destructive patterns of behaviour within a safe therapeutic alliance. The relationship between the therapist and client is probably the most powerful element of the process, and the debate still rages on whether or not counselling/psychotherapy is an art or a science. However, where trained practitioners work within a code of ethics laid down by a professional body, (and I wouldn't recommend seeing any practitioner who doesn't) scientific claims must be backed up by scientific evidence. This doesn't seem to be the case for astrology, which seems to call itself a science but then exempts itself from validation criteria generally accepted by the rest of the scientific community.

sun and moon- the most important of all planetary bodies

The 3 main pillars of any horoscope are Sun, Moon and Lagna or ascendant.

Surya who signifies Soul and confidence, Moon who signifies mind or the collection of experiences, and lagna, the relative point of Sun in the horizon at the time considered, which signifies body.

From a proper analysis of these 3 points we can gauge the general strength of a horoscope.
Even if all the other planets are in difficult positions, if these 3 pillars are in strength, the native can be considered solid.

When ascending sign and its lord are weak, it results in a weak constitution.

When Sun occupies 3, 6, 10 and 11, in friendly / strong rasis or signs, the person has optimum level of confidence. Whereas when he occupies 8 and 12 or unfriendly/weak signs, the native will lack in confidence which will ultimately result in either superiority or inferiority complex.

Likewise, when moon occupies difficult houses or signs, the way the native collects experiences will result in negativity.

It is true that a weak Sani/saturn will result in lack of discipline
or Mars will result in lack of vigour/drive..

But with a healthy constitution, confidence and strong mind, you tend to be more successful.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

artha or money

the rasis or signs of artha/resources are rishabha, kanya and makara or taurus, virgo and capricorn.
this doesn't mean that all the people born in these signs will be financially more successful.

the houses of finance and resources are 2, 6 and 10.

traditionally, we assess the financials of a person from 2nd and 11th houses.
2nd being wealth and 11th being income.

but i believe, the best way to assess is to see the above mentioned rasis/signs and 2, 6 and 10 houses.

the house of insight is 5th.
the house of luck is 9th.
you need these two also in playing share market games.

certain yogas also favour wealth. eg.
11th lord coming into 2nd house.
2nd lord in 11th.

okay now, how to pick your industries to invest:

see your presently running period. ie. which planet's dasa and whose sub period(apahara)
which sign and house he is posited in.

use the following leads also.

saturn: iron and steel, construction, petro, law, hospitals
mars: machines, real estate, fire, food, artillery, copper, minerals, chemicals
venus: cosmetics, jewellery, textiles, art, luxury vehicles, theatre, flowers, shipping
sun: pharma, power,
moon: fluids, sea products, public relations, shipping transport n logistics
mercury: IT, communication, publication, education,
jupiter: corporate world, diplomacy, professional teaching, airplanes, banking
rahu: drugs, foreign policies, cinema, chemicals
ketu: combustion, monasteries, orphanages/old age homes, electric power

good luck.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

remedial measures for a difficult Sani / saturn

Propitiations for an afflicted Sani

Yoga is the best for the Yogiswara, Sani. All forms of disciplined physical work would be appreciated. Cleanliness(personal as well as surroundings) matters.

Engaging in social welfare activities without self promotion goes a long way in propitiating the afflicted sani.

Sesame oil application under the feet and all over the body will have special effects in taking care of alasyam.(laziness)

Om Yogiswaraya nama: 1007 times is a miraculous mantra. Bhava is Hari Hara Suta.(Ayyappa)

Graha mantra: Om Praam Preem Proum Sa: Sanischaraya Nama:

Prayer: Neelanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam cchaayaamarthanda sambhootham tham namami sanaischaram.

nakshatra or star characteristics- aswini, makha, moola

Aswini: Means Horse – with the power to reach soon. (Rasi lord- Kuja, Nakshatra lord- Ketu Devata- Ashvins)

Physically vigorous and Emotionally detached(Ketu-Kuja). Often fails in their search for deep emotional connection. Likes to participate in physical group activities like sports, but requires individual space. A very nourishing star. Healing is the sub-conscious intention. Feels the privilege to live in one's own way.

Magha: Greatness. End of a cycle.(Surya-Ketu-Pitris)

Tremendous intuitive leadership capabilities marked by profound self-confidence. Requires social recognition. Steady drive toward wealth, power, position. True elite. Elegant & self-confident style. Deeply loyal to mentors, parents, ancestors - whoever is the grantor of lineage title. Self-assurance makes one friendly & positive, although one never yields control.

Moola: Detachment from Root for a new beginning.
(Guru- Ketu- Alakshmi)

Ketu's detachment combined with Guru's optimism creates Moola's tendency to violate human-body boundaries. "Alaxmi" gives reversals of fortune, labelling Moola as one of the most volatile nakshatras. Normal
life and conventional relationships leave one dissatisfied. Emotionally, Moola profiles a betrayer who feels they have been betrayed. Subject to destructive thoughts, tinged by a longing for something impossibly distant. This life is not easy. Vague past-life memories run across the native's subconscious.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

astrology- the most beautiful psychological analysis tool

The big question that i hear from most of my intellectual friends is:
is astrology a true science?
or is it a crookedly made pseudo science to exploit people?

the general answer i give is:

i know atleast 100 well educated people who were on the verge of suicide, and it is astrology which played a major role in giving them hope and thus averting the last resort.

these people were well educated, sensible people who lost all their hope because of some serious issues which cropped up in their lives, which they couldn't solve by their own/their first circle's logic.

now, how did i give them hope?
i am not a miracle worker or a saint to be able to change their attitude so quickly.
i just used the laws of this science to gain their confidence, by correctly assessing a few aspects of their lives.
then they start to believe, for we are looking desperately for hope.
for something/anything to hang on to.

do you think, i can cheat these educated people by their horoscope assessment and gain their confidence?

astrology can be surely used for personality assessment and strengthening, if not for any other purpose. say, much better than any Jungian or Freudean methods.

its one of the most beautiful tools available for mankind to help oneself to evolve better.
now, you want to call it pseudo?!


The power called prana which connects us to this world, if regulated properly vitalizes our body and mind to an amazing extent.

but will pranayama ensure the practitioner enlightenment?

pranayama or mantra japa or any such method are only vehicles.
they aren't destinations.

there is no short cut to enlightenment.
it just happens.
it just blooms.

i cant believe that there can be a phase when one gets back to normal mundane mediocre life after enlightenment.

enlightenment brings about a state of mind where all u do is filled with grace.

no effort can bring it.
in zen they say 'effortless effort'.

when you are practising dharma if you get aware of it, it ceases to be dharma.
being conscious of one's karma itself can be a big block to grace.

that is where pranayama and mantras and yoga helps.
it allows the body and mind to be light that energy flows without any blocks.

that karma shines with grace.


The more you try to drop sex it grips you tighter.
But then, why should you try to drop sex?

There is a very strong belief that sex is against spirituality.
Let us first try to understand what is spirituality.

Being Spiritual is being positive without being aggressive.
Spirituality is grace that emanates from you, without you being conscious of it.

You can surely be spiritual in sex too.

sex is not a taboo in tantra, one of the greatest contributions of vedic culture to the world.

Spirituality is nothing but a way of life.
And, enlightenment is sweetness of intelligence.(budhi maadhuryam)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

neecha bhanga rajayogam or cancellation of debility of jupiter/guru

The signifying planet of divine grace and dharma is jupiter or guru.
Guru goes into debilitation, ie the sign of capricorn or makara, once in every 12 years.

when guru goes into debilitation if mars/kuja(the planet which gets exalted in makara/capricorn) or sani/saturn(the owner of the sign makara) chances to occupy a kendra/angle(1, 4, 7, 10 houses) from lagna/ascendant or chandra/moon, it becomes a rajayoga called chakravarthi yoga. (instead of guru, if any other planet goes into debilitation, similar rules can be applied)

chakravarthi yoga or neechabhanga rajayoga means, after a person gets a neecha/fall he rises into a position of prominence.

if mars is the planet responsible, then it is physical activity(aggressive action) that will trigger his growth and if it is sani/saturn, it will be contemplation and politically correct decision making.

mars is activity while saturn is stillness.

mars needs lot of disciplined physical exercising while saturn needs breathing discipline like pranayama.