ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Results for Gemstones

Some astrologers and jewellers assure that a gemstone will solve all the problems.
Lets see:

If anyone wears a Ruby / Manikyam will that take care of his Surya/Sun affliction?
or for that matter can any stone be a remedy for graha doshas?

it is like asking, if one chants mahamrtyunjaya 108 times, will one get cured of his diseases, will he get extension of life? or how many days/years/no of times one should chant to get results?

I answer, it is all about your mind...if you wear it/chant with poorna arpanam, (full devotion), it will surely help you in reducing the evils..will bring more positivity.

"have you tested it?"
apparently, only 5 out of 100 cases, gemstones have helped.
atleast 50 of 100 cases, regular chantings have helped.
a combination of both, better.

i suggest gemstones, when i feel the concerned person's energy is very low.
sometimes, the energy levels are so low, that you can't even pray!
travel, trekking, a good book..anything can change the mind set...
it is all about how to trigger the change...

i have seen many who have never broken daily religious rituals and yet affected by very serious mundane issues. the saying goes like: even siva and krishna had to suffer the wrath of grahas!
But the way, practitioners rebound and the in-disciplined ones suffer have to be really observed!

Let me summarize the way Gemstones have to be worn.

Keep the stone/(however u want to wear, as a ring..bracelet or whatever) at a positive energy zone, say in your pooja room..
Chant the mantra for the graha (more the number of times you chant, the better.), for a minimum of 7 days, and then only wear it.

try to wear Ruby (for surya/sun
on a Sunday btwn 6 30 and 7 30 am on rt ring finger
Pearl/muthu for Chandra/moon on monday, same time, on rt ring finger
Pavizham/Coral for Kuja/Mars on tuesday(time remains same), on rt ring finger
Maratakam/emerald for Budha/mercury on wednesday on rt little finger
Yellow sapphire//pushyaragam for Gur/jupiter on thursday on rt index or ring finger
Diamond/ vajram for Sukra/venus on friday on rt thumb or middle finger
Blue sapphire/indraneelam for sani/saturn on saturday on rt middle finger

gomedaka/hessonite garnet for rahu/dragons head on saturday  on lt middle finger
Cats eye/vaidhoorya for ketu/dragon's tail on tuesday on lt ring finger.

for graha mantras refer:

i have come to understand that a small stone with good transparency and color will work better than large stone with less clarity. Also, don't bother too much if it has to be in silver or gold or copper.
Silver is very much ok.

it is better that we wear stones after a proper analysis.
for eg. wearing cats eye during the period of chandra dasa or surya dasa may prove to be very difficult.

good luck.

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