ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

predicting death

when 8th house overpowers lagna at some point of time, death happens.

see the strength of lagna, lord of the lagna, aspects to it and
then of moon, and then of surya.

if all these are strong, you can expect longevity above 85.

2nd and 7th lords are called marakas or death causing planets.
these are only the agents for manifestation.

interestingly, 2nd house happens to be the 12th of 3rd
and 7th happens to be the 12th of 8th.
{3rd is the 8th of 8th and hence considered as critical as 8th}

12th house is called 'duritha' or suffering.
whereas 3rd is the real reason for death.

eg. if 3rd house has an agnimarutha yogam of kuja and sani (marsand saturn ) coming together in a difficult rasi, then we can expect death by fire, bullet, accident etc.

so how do you predict death?
first, assess the strength of lagna, chandra and surya and then the 8th house, and determine if alpayu or deerkhayu.(short or long life)
consider other factors also: like position of malefics in upachayas(3,6,10, 11) which will improve the life span.

then, study 8th house, 3rd, 2nd and 7th.
the 22nd drekkana of 8th house gains special relevance.
the periods indicated by these planets as per ayurdairkhya(length of life) will cause death.
study of a few horoscopes with this perspective will help us a lot.


  1. Birth: 9 june 1969 9.20 pm
    death: 20 Feb 2012 ~ 6 a.m
    This was unexpected even to a very learned Jyouthishi. She said, the time of birth given might be wrong!

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  3. I have Saturn and Rahu in 3rd aspecting Mars in 6th, which is Lord of 8th. Does this portend a violent death? I would be grateful for a response. Thank you

    1. saturn has full aspect into 7th, 3rd and 10th from his position. so from 3rd house, saturn would aspect by 3rd aspect, the 5th house, not the 6th.
      are u kannya lagna or mesha lagna for kuja to have lordship of 8th?
      if its kannya- saturn in 3rd means, he is in vrishchika and kuja in 6th means, he is in kumbha, a complete parivartana yoga.
      anyways this combination wont give any violent death.
      be at peace.

  4. i have found that above given first detail of birth 9-6-1969 and death date 20-2-2012
    he died in his sani mahadash and chandra antra dasha with mangal pratyantar dasha.
    in his horo shani is nichasth placed at 8 house and moon is swami of 11th house and placed at 10 house seeing fourth house and mangal is asthmesh and stayed on 3rd house.

  5. I have saturn in mesha lagna and it is aspecting kuja and shukra in tula and I am running guru dasa shani bhukti and guru is in vrischika. Will it give me death period ?

    1. no.
      for mesha lagna, 12th lord guru in 8th is vipareeta rajayoga.
      wen sani is neecha n wen kuja is in 7th, it is neecha bhanga.
      guru-sani cud giv u problems related to digestion, liver n illnesses due to kapha-vatha, ie stiffness etc. but not death.

      look at the chart in totality n arrive at a decision for better judgemnt.


  6. Sir, could you please elaborate on the subject of death. There are so many methods to check longevity, most accepted being the Jaimini 3 pair. This has not worked for me.