ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

art and science of real astrology

It is easy for any reasonably experienced person in astrology to interpret a past event to fit his logic.
Science of astrology will win the trust of the world, when it successfully predicts 7 out of 10 events correctly.

Think of this:

Even when you consider the past many million years, the probability of finding an identical 9 planet combination in the celestial chart, with even approximate degrees is very very less.

Say, when was the last time when Sun was in Libra, Moon in Libra, Saturn in Libra, Jupiter in Taurus, Rahu-Ketu in Scorpio-Taurus, mars in sagittarius, mercury in scorpio and venus in virgo?
And, if one of the planets change, the results can vary.
So, its almost impossible to create unfailing rules in astrology.
Every true astrologer has to test the available rules, with a neutral perspective and come to his own conclusions.

When the rule says, When Sun is in 9th house the person will exhibit spirituality more than what he actually feels or that Jupiter in 8th will make a person unconventional in Rituals- it is just a probability.

When the rule says, Venus in the sign of mars along with saturn, gives a person loose morals- it is just a probability.

It is the super-human intuition of the knowledgeable astrologer that lets him predict, correctly.
That Super-human intuition comes only with Grace.

How do a knowledgeable astrologer obtain Grace?
By sticking to satya(truth), dharma(righteousness) and constantly applying his science with a compassionate perspective, making himself just a channel for the divine truth to flow..

This is almost close to impossible.!


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