ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Sometime, someone felt like saying something, to someone.
A prediction.
And, it came true.
A few more truths, which were of course remembered, and the man was proclaimed a Sidha.
For the first few days, he wondered how he managed to get all those right.
But as his stature grew, he had no time and mind frame to think about this.
He felt only one thing. He had some extra-ordinary powers.
As if to justify his stature, the sidha started learning astrology and sastras in private.
And he really put an effort into it.
Sidha was happy. Sidha started to be the most important divyan of the place.

Time passed. Sidha started to feel that few of his predictions were tending to go wrong.
He started to become lesser direct in his answers and took to philosophy as a cover.
Sidha’s strategy worked better. Now he was treated more Godly than ever.

Years passed. Sidha became 70 plus old.
Then came a writer with the idea of writing his biography.
Sidha tried to think for the first time, did I really learn anything? know anything?
How have I used my powers, if at all I had any?
Sidha, locked himself up in his room.
Disciples started to say that he is exploring a a new method in meditation.
When he didn’t come out for a pretty long time, they forced the door open, to find him too still.
The writer too came to see the great sidha for one last time.
She mused, "do I see a resolve on his lips?
A desire to get away from the stuck track?. A desire to come back?  to start fresh? to learn?

she scribbled in her diary:
*Sometimes, powers do act through you. even when you are semi-tuned that way..
But when you start thinking that you are the power..the power that is bestowed loses its power..to be of any real good. 
Lucky are the ones who get a chance to stay alert and fine tune the medium..."

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  1. Outstanding story !!! I like reading your articles. Please keep on posting.