ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem

ka ae eela hreem hasa kahala hreem sakala hreem
Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

playing God

i have observed myself trying to play God, often..
assuring people that the pariharams i suggest will magically transform their problems into opportunities.

i have seen many a cancer patient die, inspite of my assurances..
i have seen myself waiting year after year for right things to happen....

but still, i don't feel too guilty..
i am only trying to be of help..
by giving more confidence..
by offering a new perspective..

when my pariharams work.. i know..God is indeed kind..to them..and to me..
and when it doesn't, i console myself.. there's karma to be dispensed..

astrology is a great science. BUt it just can't define God's actions.
Oh God, may i be a good medium to you. May i be a part of You.. may i be YOU..

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